Last Updated: Nov 6, 2013


Aug 17, 2012

Owner: EthanolRift

Loot Manager

That addon is designed both to assist you during farming sessions and keep your screen clear of unwanted popups. It will roll need/greed/pass on items you tell it to.

The settings window can be opened either from the on-screen icon (that can be scaled up/down with mouse wheel while hovering it) or from TopMenu+'s Addon Manager menu (in versions above 1.0)

The addon should disable itself in New York raid to avoid costly user mistakes! (still untested)

Known Issues

  • Drink/Anima/Ambrosia categories only work on english client at the moment
  • Signets category only include non-aux ones
  • Addon's icon is ugly and aliased like hardly ever seen before :(

Installation Instruction

  • Extract the NeedGreed.swf file and the LootManager folder into your Customized\Flash directory
  • Restart the client

Uninstallation Instruction

Remove the above files and type /reloadui ingame


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