Fixed Gear Manager

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Having Issues after a patch?

This mod is replacing your character's sheet, which means that it won't have new features when Funcom improves it (like extra clothing/equipment slots, ...). You just need to remove the mod (or wait for an update) to solve the issue.

Fixed Gear Manager

The aim of that addon is just to provide a bug-free gear manager, to replace the original one.

The gear manager window has a checkbox to choose between the game's build loader and mine. Keep it unchecked if you don't have any issues with the default one. Mine is a bit slower (there is a delay between each item swap), but might be more reliable if the default one fails.

Known Issues
- The feedback might say "Loaded undefined successfully" instead of the build name on some attempts, but it will still load the intended build correctly.

Installation Instructions
- Extract the Flash\CharacterSheet.swf file into your The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash folder
- Extract the Flash\FixedGearLoading folder (that just contains a CharPrefs.xml file) into your The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash folder
- Restart the client (it just won't save your preferred loader if you /reloadui after extracting the files)
- To uninstall, delete those file and /reloadui


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