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Live In Services

You can hire two Live In Nannies, two Live In Maids, two Live In Gardener and/or two Ranch Hands

The Mod is based on a Lot Trait which needs to get added via Build Buy. This Lot Trait will let Live In Services spawn on their own.

You’ll find new a new Option on Phones under the Household Menu called “Live in Service” which opens a new Pop Up Menu with the Options to:

  • Hire Live In Nanny
  • Hire Live In Maid
  • Hire Live In Gardener
  • Hire Live in Ranch Hand

The Options to hire the second Live In Services gets useable as soon as the first Live In Service is hired. 

You can cancel each Live In Service via the same Pop Up Menu.

You can choose the NPC you want to hire. Sims you want to hire need to fullfil the following requirements: Has no Career or the needed Job Career for example Nanny, Is homeless, not a Vampire who is not sunimmun, not famous.

You need to assign them a Bed so they can go to sleep. 

I adjusted the Behaviour of those Services a bit so they will do their Job but they will not act like lifeless robots when nothing is to do in the House/Garden.

On the Sims themself you’ll find a new “Live In Services” Pie Menu with the Options:

  • Give Tip 100$
  • Plan Outfit (Loads the Sim in CAS to change their normal Outfits)
  • Go to Sleep (They’ll get a push to go to sleep )

On the Ground you’ll find a new Option when leaves are lying around:

  • Rake Leaves
    Pick a Live In Service (Maid or Gardener) to rake the leaves

I highly recommend the Better Nanny Mod to use with Live In Nannies! (The Main Mod File)


If you add the Lot Trait to other Lots like your Business or your Holiday Home Live in Service NPCs should “follow” you and work there as well.


Ingame Settings (Enable/Disable per Sim) 

  • Locked Stats
    For each Motive an individuel File is available which locks the Motive
  • Go to Sleep
    They’ll get a push to go to sleep after 11pm. Will not work if you have the Energy Motive locked!
  • No Auto Put Away
    Maids or Nannies will not put away Food or Toys etc.
  • Take care of Plants
    Maids or Ranch Hands will garden too
  • Clean Chicken Coops & Livestock Pens (Cottage Living)
    Maids or Ranch Hands cleans Chicken Coops & Livestock Pens
  • Feed Chicken Coops & Livestock Pens (Cottage Living)
    Maids/Gardener/Ranch Hands will help feeding Chicken, Cows & Llamas


Optional Addons

  • Lot Challenge
    Addon which moves the Lot Trait to be a Lot Challenge instead since you can only have three Lot Traits but unlimited Lot Challenges
  • No Uniform
    Removes the Uniform from Maids/Nannies/Gardneners/Ranch Hands


Recommended Mods:

Better Nanny - which edits the Behaviour of Nannies



The Game does not recognize any other Nanny as a real Nanny then the Original one. Leaving the Lot will still let you choose to go to Daycare. You can check out my “Toddler Don’t go to Daycare” Mod in the Random small Mods Collection for this purpose.



  • English (default)
  • German by me
  • French by lorraine5530/ CandymanGaming/ Anachron
  • Spanish by Juniorcayher
  • Portuguese by Ana Carolina, meldrin
  • Traditional Chinese by Miaow-CC/Licer
  • Simplified Chinese by Miaow_CC/Licer
  • Japanese by maru dada
  • Italian by RoryCraft
  • Dutch by SCbessie
  • Russian by Rinke
  • Polish by livi


Mod Support available via my Discord: