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Via Computer & Tablets you find new Options to add/remove a hidden Trait to Toddlers/Infants. Kids with this Trait added will not go to Daycare. It will prevent them to go into the Rabbithole. Be aware the Daycare System is deeper coded so you will still get the Message to choose to hire a Nanny or send them to Daycare as well as all the Notification when they "leave" and "come back". Just click on Send to Daycare. Their Household Potrait will also be greyed out but you can still control them etc. I highly recommend to make sure someone is on the Lot to take care of them like a non Household Family Member or Babysitter. I will not be responsible if something happens if you let them be alone completely! (Does not work with Babies yet).

Optional Addon:

Hide Interactions
Addon which hides the Mod Interactions behind the “Shift Click” Ingame (Testingcheats needs to be enabled)