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LIVIN' RUM is a 60 piece custom collection by Felixandre & Harrie, which focuses on the living room.

Its been 4 long months since the release of JARDANE, so its about time we did this all again. Continuing with our theme of renovating each under served room of the house, it was time to tackle the living room...only one more room left to tackle after this! ;p

The name is derived from Harrie's Londoner accent and lack of being able to include the o's in the word room. This fact was ever so delicately pointed out by Felix, many, many, many times. Rum is also coincidentally Swedish for room, which is very fitting with the Scandinavian thread that runs through all of our collaborations.

This set is comprised of everything you would need to furnish yours sims living area, including that work from home office area that a lot of us have had to implement over the past year. Of course there is the obligatory sofa set that every living room requires, but what makes this set unique are all the special tiny details that have been included. With this set you will be able to clutter your sims' living space to the highest design standards and avoid that ugly BG clutter we have all had to settle on using for years! Your homes will now have those little details that make a house a home.

Highlights of the set include: All 10 seating options, Simsung Frame TV (yes that does mean no more ugly TVs, just gorgeous artwork on your walls), the wide array of desirable clutter and artwork pieces and of course with each and every one of our collabs, the matching wood tones and colour palette!

All items are Base Game compatible, including the rocking chair.

To easily locate all of the items in the set, just search with the keyword LIVIN' RUM in the build/buy catalogue search bar.


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