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Harluxe is a 87 piece resort living collection by Felixandre & Harrie. Inspired by their recent trip to Mexico, this set focuses on bedroom and bathroom items, for your Sims to live their best resort life. The bedroom was the last room of the home still left untackled, so we can now officially say that the House of Harlix Collection has been completed! 

Highlights of the set include: New window and doors (modern & wooden shuttered), THE BED, THE BATHROOM, table top vanity and mini bar, along with cute clutter pieces to bring the concept to life. Of course all the same matching wood tones from previous sets, but this set also includes brand new wood & marble textures. 100% of the meshes and textures included are created by Felix & Harrie, so no EA items were harmed in the making of this set! ;p 

99.9% of the items are base game compatible, with the exception of the tabletop vanity which requires the Vintage Glamour SP to be fully functional & the AC control panel, which requires Seasons EP. However these should still appear in game if you don’t have the packs. 

You can find the majority of the objects in the build/buy catalogue by searching HARLUXE, but as the pack also includes a build set there are a few items that won’t show up in your general search. These include: 2 wallpapers, 1 column, 1 spandrel and 1 fence. 


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