Baysic Bathroom

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You asked for it & now we delivered! Baysic Bathroom is an add-on set for the Baysic set by Felixandre & Harrie. This set of 28 items for the bathroom is the perfect addition to the original Baysic set and now takes the total of Baysic to a massive 119 items


Highlights of the set include: The new matching tile walls & floor, one of the most frequently requested items; a new bathtub/shower combo, plus stacking toilet roll! Oh and a toilet, because not even EA could add in too many toilets right?!


Of course all the same matching wood tones & colour palette from previous sets, plus all brand new and original textures and meshes were created for this set, so no EA items were harmed in the making of this set 😋

99.9% of the items are Base Game compatible, however the freestanding shower requires the Discover University EP to be fully functional. If you don’t own that pack the item will still place in game, but be purely decorative.


You can find the majority of the items in the build/buy catalogue by searching BAYSIC, but as the set includes a wallpaper & floor you'll need to hunt for those in the traditional way. 


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