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MapPOI - Shows customizable lists of icons on the mainmap

There are several user interface elements to this addon.

First up, is the minimap button: [img][/img]

The left grayscale image is shown when the button is unlocked (moveable), and the right image when the button is locked.

Right-clicking on the button will toggle between locked and unlocked states.

Note: If you have Docker installed, then the movement and locking options are disabled, and Docker manages the positioning of the icon.

Left-clicking on the button when it is locked, will open up a window showing all current custom POIs in zone (these are sorted by their closeness to you):


If the list is long, you can scroll it up/down using the mousewheel, or clicking the arrows.

You can delete a POI by RIGHT-clicking the X icon.

If you left click a POI entry, it will populate the purple boxes at the bottom of the screen, where you can then edit the various fields. Click the plus icon to add your changes.

You can also create a brand new POI by filling in the details - they are all optional. If you do not specify x,z coords then your current location will be used. If you give a mouseover note, then this is what will be displayed if you mouseover the POI on the map.

If you click the POI icon, it pops up a 3x3 grid of icons for you to choose a new one. Either choose a new one, or right click anywhere in the grid to close it.

NOTE: If you chang a coord, then it will create a new entry with the new coords.
NOTE: Adding a new entry with the same coords as an existing one, will update the existing POI.
NOTE: Closing the POI list window without clicking the plus icon will discard any pending changes.

Next we come to the actual point of the addon, the map!

Now, the Rift addon API gives us NO information about the size of map, what scale factor it is, where the player is on it etc.

So, there are a few things that need mentioning:

- If you are not in the center of the map, then things will not work at all well.
- You may often need to re-calibrate the map, esp if you change its scale factor.
- The API does not let us know if the map is opened for any reason other than the user opened it. So if you visit a porticulam, then all the POIs will be shown overlaid on the world map.

With all that said, the most important thing that you will need to do, is calibrate the map.

To do this, open up the map, and click the 'Calibrate' button in the bottom right of the screen.

When you do this, the addon will scan the map, and find a bunch of 'interesting' features on the map. These will be such things as:

- Rifts
- Tears
- Footholds
- Strongholds

On an initial calibration, it is likely your map will look something like:


You will need to use the magnifying icons to get the green target icons to overlay the map features:


The 3 icons change the calibration scale by varying amounts. Use the mousewheel over them to zoom in/out, or alternatively you can left/right click then icons.

Once things are lined up properly, click the Calibrate button again to exit calibration mode.

After you have created some POI's, then your map may well look something like this: (Note, I have added MapPOI support to several of my addons, but not released these updates as yet, which is why I have so many categories)


There are a few things worth pointing out here :

- MapPOI provides its own category, POI: Stronghold - which will show any open strongholds (like that lvl 62 one in the bottom right)
- Its provides the category, POI: Raid Tears -  which is the location of the known raid tears (or at least the ones I was able to find!) - these are the orange boxes.
- The Custom POI category is for user created POIs - which are specific per zone. This is what all the round POI icons are.

If you look at the categories on the left, you will see that there are two different colours of checkmarks - green and blue.

Green is the normal mode, and Blue is the pinned mode. The difference between these modes, is that normally any offmap POIs are hidden. In pinned mode, the POIs are shown on the edge of the map - if you head towards one, you will be heading directly at the POI. This can be seen by the RareTracker POIs on the bottom edge of the map.

Pinned mode, can be activated by RIGHT-clicking the checkbox. NOTE: MapPOI will only show pinned POIs for relatively small POI sets (32 members or less)

Category display and their pinned status' is configured on a per-zone basis.

Finally, you will notice on the map, the green circle icon in the top left.

This icon can have one of three colours

Green - Normal mode
Red - Disabled by user mode (left click the icon to toggle between this and normal mode)
Purple - The user is in an unsupported zone (a city, a pvp area, a dungeon/raid zone, these are typically areas where the player may not be centered on the map.)


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