84,671 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 18, 2015 Game Version: 3.4

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Rift. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

RareTracker is my take on a rare-mob hunting addon.

If you are in a zone with Rare mobs, then RareTracker will display 2 things.

1. A window listing rare mobs, distance to their spawn point and an arrow showing COMPASS direction

This window can be moved by dragging the title bar around whilst holding the left mouse button.

Clicking with the left mouse button on the darker green MODE: line, will toggle between Available and ALL modes.

Left clicking on any of the elements (arrow/name/range) will toggle the inclusion of that named mob from the
list. This can be used (along with Available mode) to only show the ones you are still interested in finding.

Right clicking on any of these elements will toggle the coloration of the entry. Useful for marking you've visted that location.

In ALL mode, the excluded ones are shown, but their name is coloured Red - they can be clicked to toggle
inclusion status as normal.

If you RIGHT click the MODE: line, it will show a red bar with 2 labels - NAME: and RANGE: - moving the mousewheel
up/down over these labels will cause the textsize used in the tracker to change.

2. A small round minimap icon. If this is in black/white it can be dragged around by holding leftmouse button. Right clicking will change it into a color icon. Left clicking the coloured icon will switch between green/red states. In red state, all other UI elements are disabled and hidden.

3. An icon showing a white diamond on a red, green or gray background.

If it is black/white it can be moved by dragging it around, whilst holding the left mouse button.

Right clicking will toggle between locked (red/green) and movable states (gray)

It can be resized by using the mousewheel up/down whilst hovering over it.

The icon will have a green background if there is a macro associated with it, or red if there is not.

A macro is built and added to the icon for all rare mobs that appear in the tracker and are within 300m of your current location.

The icon can be left-clicked to activate the macro that is associated with it.

There are a few /raretracker commands that can be used:

    /raretracker background - toggles display of gray background
    /raretracker text - toggles text glow effect
    /raretracker reset - to reset locations of buttons/windows.


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