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Just A Bunch of Bags

I missed the one-bag style addon from WoW - I dont want/need grouping features, I just want all my bag space presented as one big box.

Click the cog in the topleft to popup the options.

The top icon toggles between display modes : Fixed number of columns / One row bag / Adjacent bags. If mode = columns, then use the mousewheel to adjust the number.
The 2nd icon sets the size of the slot icons. Use the mouse wheel to adjust
The 3rd icon Locks or Unlocks the bag to stop it being moved.

The bottom row of 3 icons do the following (use the mousewheel to adjust up or down)

Adjust the size of the coloured border on the slots
Sets the horizontal spacing between slots
Sets the vertical spacing between slots

There are a couple of /slash commands :

/jabob toggle - this toggles the display of the window(s).
/jabob tooltip - toggles between tooltip modes - Custom / Rift API / Both

The gray box next to the close button is a search function.

NOTE: If the first character of the search is an '=' sign, then it searches on the items category. ie:

to search for artifacts:  =collectible
to search for armor:  =armor

I have a macro, which is bound to 'B' for opening/closing (and shift-B for opening the default bags - just in case)

From Slsrizzy : The easiest way to accomplish this is:

1. Type /macro and open the macro edit window.
2. Click on an empty space, choose a icon you like and name it jabob or similar.
3. In the box, type: jabob toggle
4. Save the macro.
5. Drag and drop the macro to an empty spot on your action bars.
6. Press the 'ESC' key, then click 'Key Bindings'.
7. Mouseover the action bar spot you put the macro and press 'B'.
8. When the popup box appears, select 'Replace'.
9. Scroll down in the Key Bindings window to find 'All Bags' under the section entitled 'UI Toggles'.
10. Click the RIGHT 'Not Bound' section and press the 'Shift' key + the 'B' key simultaneously.
11. Press 'OK' to close the Key Bindings window.
11. Switch to ALL other roles (up to 6 total) and place the macro in the same action bar location.

The click functionality (drag/split etc) will only work AFTER the default bags have been opened once - I have reported this as a bug on the official forums, hopefully it will get fixed.

Tooltips use the information avalilable from the API - so some things are missing (probably not an exhaustive list!):

        * Use: effects missing
        * procs missing
        * no information on synergy crystals

Still a work in progress, so somethings may not work properly - please let me know if you find anything broken!


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