906 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 Game Version: 3.0

When Haberdash first loads, it will do one of two things:

If Docker is installed, it will place a blue icon (with a ribbon and a number)
in the Dock


If Docker is not installed, it will place a gray icon somewhere in the
top-left of the screen. This icon can be dragged around and positioned where
you want. Once it is in the right position, right-click it, and it will
change colour and lock into place. (Right-clicking it again, will unlock it,
turn it gray and allow it to be moved).

Once the icon is no longer gray, left-clicking the icon will bring up the
configuration screen, and moving the mouse over it will display 5 coloured boxes.

The 5 boxes correspond to common/uncommon/rare/epic/relic level artifacts. The top
number in the box is how many artifacts of this rarity you have in your bags, and
the bottom number is how many Dream Ribbons these are worth.

The number displayed on the main icon is the total number of ribbons you can make
using artifacts in your bags.

NOTE: All these totals ignore the non-salvageable artifacts.

The configuration screen has a number of options:

Alert when non-salvagable artifact received : As it suggests, this will display a
text warning when you loot or otherwise receive a non-salvagable artifact.

Autohide salvage summary : This changes the behaviour of the mouse over on the
main icon. With it ticked, then the summary displays when you mouse over the icon,
and then hides when you mouse out. With it unticked, when you mouse over the icon
it will change the visibility of the summary (mouse over once to show, mouse over a
second time to hide)

Automove artifacts into bag 1, slot 1 : This is intended to help when you are
salvaging a lot of artifacts, if this is ticked, and bag 1, slot 1 becomes empty
after casting Salvage Artifact, then Haberdash will find a new artifact in your
bags and move it to bag 1, slot 1. You can configure which artifacts are allowed
to be moved by the checkboxes, based on rarity and type.

NOTE: You need to have at least one rarity checked, and one type checked in order
for the automove to do anything.

Finally, you can set the skill level that the calculations are performed at.


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