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Checks and shows the shortfall of materials to complete your daily crafting quests.

After getting annoyed at the Rift quest system telling me I had enough materials to complete all my daily crafting quests, only to have some go un-complete as I handed in other, I wrote this addon to check materials for all dailies.

The minimap button:


The left grayscale image is shown when the button is unlocked (moveable), and the right image when the button is locked.

Right-clicking on the button will toggle between locked and unlocked states.

Note: If you have Docker installed, then the movement and locking options are disabled, and Docker manages the positioning of the icon.

Left-clicking on the button when it is locked, will open up a window showing all the quests you currently have in the 'Profession' category.


Red text indicates you havent configured the quest yet.

NOTE: If you have more quests than fit on screen, you can scroll the list using the mousewheel.

So, click on one. This opens a configuration window.

Drag all the required materials over to the 1st column of the gray boxes, and set the sliders to the quantity required to complete the quest.


Then click Apply

This will update the status window, and the quest name goes white, indicating that you have set it up.


In my example, you can see that it is telling me I only have 6/10 rhenium bars required for the quest.

So, finish setting up all the remaining quests.

That leaves me with:


So, we can see I have 6/10 rhenium bars required, 4/6 madrosa lumber and 4/5 unerupted teeth.

This is where the 2nd column of gray boxes in the configuration screen comes into play.

Since I am a miner, then ore and bars are effectively the same thing - so for the purposes of having enough materials to complete the quests, I can treat them like that.

So, if I open up the quest that uses rhenium bars, I can drop the ore into the 2nd column, and click apply.

I can do the same for the Madrosa lumber, and have the timber being equivalent.

This updates the status screen :


NOTE: Once you have setup an alternative for a primary material, then it remains setup. You can break this link by RIGHT-clicking the alternative material on the configuration screen.

So, I know at this point in order to be able to complete all the daily crafting quests I have, I will need to:

Craft 4 Rhenium Bars
Craft 2 Madrosa Timber
Harvest 1 unerupted tooth

You can untick quests to ignore their material requirements, in which case the text goes orange to make it clear.


Here you can see that with that one quest unticked, I now have enough unerupted teeth.


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