TolkienCraft II - Content Pack

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The Argonath


Main map is here: TolkienCraft II modpack map.


You asked for it!


You can now download additional content to expand the TolkienCraft II world!


Content planned:


-Argonath and Amon Hen

-Beorn's House


-Helm's Deep

-much much More!


These add-on content packs will include quests and content of their own and will expand the experience once you have entered middle earth!


While still a work in progress, many areas have been completed and will be released a few areas at a time.  Quests will be added as we have time, but felt that at least having the areas for you to explore would be enough...for now :)


Installing the content packs and the main map:

Please submit concerns or issues at the issues link above for fastest response and acknowledgement. Also, this tutorial is for modpack versions 2.7.2 and below.  As of 2.7.3 there is a new mod that allows for seamless download and install for you now.

Special thanks to the following:








For all their hard work and willingness to share that work with all of you, show them some love!


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