TolkienCraft III - Return to Middle-earth

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Return to Middle-earth


All that once was....


30 years have passed since the forming of the council, Man, Dwarf and Elf.  They came together to try to stop the coming darkness in Angmar.  At the same time, you were trying to stop Draconis from destruction and to contain the evil that was spreading to the Overworld.

Sadly, one by one, the free peoples were defeated as the growing evil was stronger than anyone realized.  The last time you were here, Strider, now known as Aragorn had said something about the ring you had returned to Bilbo and Gandalf had been researching.

It will be up to you to help fight back this evil and see what can be done to help the Fellowship succeed in a new task.  Be strong traveler and know that if ever a Hero was needed, the Hero of Draconis shall be the one to answer that call!


...hope shall not fade.


Journey back to TolkienCraft 30 years later and at what is to become the culmination of the battle in Middle-earth with you silently helping the Fellowship succeed in their quest!  CustomNPC's and Better Questing combined with new functions and features of Minecraft will bring an even more immersive experience than before!

Enjoy TolkienCraft III - Return to Middle-earth!


This pack, like it's predecessor, will have a completely custom map to play in.  You can keep tabs on current progress here:

You may need to refresh the image if you go there often because of browser cache.  Here is a tease for this above link:
Current status of custom map for TolkienCraft III

FYI, the overall size of the map in-game is approximately 25,000 x 25,000 blocks and is completely custom.  The map and many builds are compilations by a variety of talented people who have graciously put their work out there for download.  This pack and accompanying map are my attempt to not only provide a phenomenal play experience in minecraft, but to provide one of the most complete Middle-earth maps available in minecraft to play in as well.


Here is an alternative download for the TolkienCraft III Map if the in-game one does not work This is the complete map, so be warned if you use it to update an existing map):

Link Removed:


The mod list will change often until pack is in release status.  Once in full release, this will mean for all intents and purposes the modlist is finalized and map work has begun! Also, the map is currently not available to download as it is not production ready.



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