Modded NAIL, a PvP Attack and Defence Map

80,987 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

A 4v4 defense map, where players must attack/defend the sponges! The defending team starts about 1 minute ahead of the attackers, which gives them time to enter the castle, setup defenses/traps and be prepared for raids. The attackers must make it through 3 heavily fortified walls, and destroy 2 sponge blocks guarded on the inside keep. Game ends when either a) 20 minutes has passed or b) the sponge blocks are destroyed.

What modifications have been made to the original NAIL?

•The mines have been closed off, cart can still be called

•Difficulty is now Easy

•Ability to track player deaths or player kills

•Several Chest items have been replaced with modded items...

Wait a second... modded items?

•Yes. This version of nail needs a modpack to run. It includes Chisel 2, MCHeli, Smart Moving and Flans Mod (with modern weapons pack).

Well that's it right? Just some chest items have been replaced?

•Lptm0ric has fully replaced all chest items with guns and weapons from Flans mod. The attackers also have 2 helicopters from MCHeli and the defenders' have turrets and cannons attached to the castle.

•Along with several gameplay changes, lptm0ric has included a sniping range in the map, near the Sumo. The on switch is about 40 blocks behind the nail sign (Just FYI)



The Modpack Download: 

  • Find the download in the link below!
  • Get the Curse Launcher and Download the Combat Pack.

The Original Modded Nail MCF thread:

The Original Nail MCF Thread:

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