Nuclear Control 2


For the version of this for 1.10 and beyond, see Energy Control!



You've seen the craters that Nuclear Reactors can cause. How one slip up can desolate your base.

Developing working technology was harder than anyone could have estimated. And yet, you are now

able to monitor your entire base; shut down reactors before they overheat and save the world from yourself!


Nuclear Control 2 is an addon mod to IC2, that allows for the monitoring of several block in the world.

Originally designed by Shedar to monitor and control IC2 Nuclear Reactors, the current team (Xbony2, dmf444 and Pyrolusite) have integrated with several other popular mods.




Panels can display information from block/multiblock. Normal Panels can connect and display info from one block.

The Advanced Info Panel has 3 card slots as well as can be angled and have the back colors changed. The remote monitor is capable of

connecting to one block and displaying the info.





Cards store location based data for the panels. Each card is created by right clicking a valid location with a kit of the same type.


The current cards are:

  • Nuclear Reactor Card - For use on IC2 Nuclear Reactors
  • Energy Sensor Card - For use with RF or EU, can be put on batteries or Capacitors
  • Time Card-Displays Server Time in Hours/Minutes
  • Fluid Storage Card - For use with Fluid Tanks, displays capacity and fill level
  • 5x5 Reactor Card - For use with IC2's 5x5 Fluid Reactor, created from same kit as Nuclear Reactor Card
  • Text Card - Displays preset text. Edited withing the Panels
  • Applied Energistic Card - Should be place on network with drives, can display bytes and items left, if placed on craft monitor, can show current crafted item
  • RF Reactor Card - For use on Big Reactors, can show on/off as well as heat and energy levels
  • Counter Sensor Card - For use on Remote Thermo Monitors
  • Generator Card - For use on IC2 generators
  • Array Cards - Groups similar cards 




Nuclear Control was originally created by Shedar, and ported to 1.7+ by Zuxelus and Xbony2. It continues to be maintained by Xbony2 and DMF444, with Pyrolusite contributing textures and other assets. Other contributors are listed here.