World Control

684,337 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

World Control is the official successor to Nuclear Control 2. Unlike it, it does not rely on IC2 and is built for 1.10+. It's currently in a development state, however; features and whatnot may change as time goes by, so be weary.


You've seen the craters that Nuclear Reactors can cause. How one slip up can desolate your base.

Developing working technology was harder than anyone could have estimated. And yet, you are now

able to monitor your entire base; shut down reactors before they overheat and save the world from yourself!


World Control is a mod that allows for the monitoring of several kinds of blocks in the world.

It was originally designed by Shedar as Nuclear Control to monitor and control IC2 Nuclear Reactors, but the current team (Xbony2, dmf444 and Pyrolusite) have integrated it with several other popular mods.


Modpacks- if you are to use this mod in a modpack, we highly encourage you use CurseForge to do so. Currently this is the only platform that compensates modders for inclusion in modpacks; by choosing to use another platforms, we get less downloads and you're basically making us lose money, thus we encourage CurseForge. (Using a direct link with ATLauncher is an alright way to get around this, although that's a bit messy.) Ultimately we can't stop you from using other platforms, but if you're going to make a public modpack please use CurseForge.


PROGRESS NOTE: It's not there but there's been activity. If you want to see it for 1.12 (or whatever), we'd prefer you help out with the current version of it rather than making a fork, so no one is ever stuck between two forks. The mod is open sourced and I'd be willing to give Git access to it if you want to help out. The GitHub is here.  (If you do significantly contribute to it and we can release a new version you'll be listed as an author and be able to get Curse Points.)


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