World Control

World Control was the official successor to Nuclear Control 2. However, it's become clear that this dev team can no longer upkeep the mod. Thankfully, Zuxelus, who helped port Nuclear Control to 1.7 many years ago, is back and recontinuing the mod as Energy Control. Find his version here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/energy-control .


Thank you for using NC2 and WC by our team! The mod continues to be open sourced, so any portion of the code may be reused. World Control is as of now effectively discontinued. You are welcome to continue using Nuclear Control 2 and World Control, but it will not be strongly supported. We recommend Energy Control instead, however note that worlds may not be able to transition from World Control/Nuclear Control to Energy Control. Energy Control is also not maintained by us, so if there are issues with it, please approach the developer of that mod (Zuxelus) instead of us.


World Control can still be used in modpacks and the like, but use at your own risk. Note World Control was always WIP and never complete, so recipes weren't implemented by the mod, as well as other features. The features that do exist function similarly to those in Nuclear Control 2.