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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of release 2.0.0 for Minecraft 1.14.4, Unity has become modular. Support for vanilla Minecraft will be separate from mod support, texture maps for shaders, and random entities/ctm for Optifine. Unity: Modded can be downloaded here. Unity: Texture Maps can be downloaded here. Random entities and CTM can be downloaded here.


Also check out the new Unity: Dark Edition -


UNITY PBR NOW AVAILABLE! Enhance your resource pack with shaders and PPR:


The Unity resource pack follows the traditional Minecraft aesthetics but adds subtle depth and more natural colors. Mods are retextured using the Unity pack for vanilla Minecraft as a base and will have unique design characteristics tied in to stay true to the original. The idea is to keep the authors original vision alive and well... but packaged a little nicer.



Vanilla Overview


Vanilla Minecraft was retextured simply because I felt it was falling behind, visually, compared to the look of mods these days. The scope of this project is to set a common ground; touch up vanilla, unify mod textures, and keep the mods unique.


Suggestions go on Github (click 'Source' tab above or click HERE).


Latest 'work-in-progress' version can be found on GitHub: