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Hello everyone! I'm Silver David! If you're looking for a resource pack, I have one right here in the form of Silver Default: my own rendition of the default textures in a 32x format. My goal is to give players a version of default, with a higher resolution, but while keeping the base textures the same. Along with this, the pack features alternate textures, custom models, some animations, and a little mod support based on your suggestions and my personal choices. The changes will be posted in the change log below. To see a list of all of the features of interest in this resource pack, including models, alternate textures, and more, check the "Special Features" spoiler. Any mods that I support with this resource pack are linked in the "Supported Mods" spoiler. I highly recommend checking each of them out. If you notice any issues, or have complaints/suggestions, let me know! Here's my original MC Forum post if you want to use that for some reason.

Animated Textures

- beacon inside

- brewing stand middle piece

- dragon egg

- enchanting table corner pieces

- lit furnaces

- glowstone blocks and dust

- redstone blocks and dust

- redstone lamps

- jack o' lanterns

- lit redstone torches

- normal torches

- blaze powder/rod

- lava bucket

- dragon breath

- eye of ender

- ender pearl

- bottle o' enchanting

- fire charges

- nether star

- potion liquid

- prismarine crystals

- spectral arrow

- totem of undying

Alternate Textures (1.8 +) (1.7.10 for most of them if Optifine is installed)
- all wood planks/slabs/stairs

- all leaves

- all flowers

- carrots, potatoes, wheat, and beetroots

- clay

- bookshelves

- bricks (the ones made from clay, not stone)

- cacti (some have thinner models too)

- all ores

- cobblestone

- mossy cobblestone
- cobblestone walls

- mossy cobblestone walls

- end stone

- end stone bricks

- ice, packed ice, and frosted ice (1.9)

- glowstone blocks

- tall grass

- sides of grass, podzol, mycelium, grass paths (1.9), and grass with snow.

- lily pads (some have a flower on top)

- lit furnaces
- magma blocks
- nether wart

- obsidian
- red nether bricks

- sandstone
- soul sand

- stone bricks (stairs and slabs included), mossy bricks, cracked bricks, and their respective monster eggs (silver fish blocks)

- stone variants (granite, andesite, polished, etc)

Custom Models (1.8 +)
- bed

- brewing stand

- cactus
- doors (all of them)
- enchantment table

- ladders
- rails (all)
- trap doors (all of them)

- Optifine

- Not Enough Items (NEI)

- Aether II - v1.6


- Optifine
- Forge (buckets)

- Just Enough Items (JEI)

- Chisel and Bits

- Iron Chests

- Aether Legacy (unreleased)

- Optifine

- Forge (buckets)
- Just Enough Items (JEI)

- Aether Legacy (unreleased)

- Optifine
- Forge (buckets)

- Just Enough Items (JEI)
- Aether Legacy (unreleased)
- Moolands (unreleased)
Mesa House
Desert Temple
NetherThe End



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