Ddx11's Modpack (Discontinued)

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Ddx11's Modpack adds +30 mods that have a Vanilla Style! 

I proudly present my own Minecraft Modpack, this modpack have classic and all new minecraft mods! Here I try to put mods that have a vanilla style to have a better survival experience! If you want to check all the updates you can visit my Twitter account @Ddx11_ 

No matter what is your Minecraft playing style, for builders there are a lot of new blocks, for adventurers there are new beautyful biomes and a better end dimension, for technical players there are new redstone items and for miners you will have more ores and better caves.

Enjoy this upgraded vanilla experience - Ddx11 <3



🌼 New biomes
🐖 New mobs
🌌 Better END dimension
💎 New minerals
Enchanced cave generation
🎨 New decorations block +100




💎 Gems Expansion - My own Minecraft mod! 3 new rare gems and more!

🐻 Alex's Mobs - Adds a lot of new mobs!

🟣 Allurement - New enchantemnts!

🐦 Ambient sounds - Ambientations sounds!

🗾 Antique Atlas - A new crafteable map

🌲 Atmospheric - New biomes

🍂 Autumnity - New biomes and mobs

🎒 Backpacked - A backpack is usefull, no??

🌾 Better Badlands - A little upgrade to the badlands biome!

🌑 Better Caves - Imrpoved cave generation

🌌 Better End - A lot of new fun things for the END dimension

🌀 Better Weather - Improved the weather

✨ Bountiful - New adventures on the villages, do challenges and you will have rewards

🐝 Buzzier Bees - Buzzier Bees.... zzZzzzzzzzzZz

🐫 Camels - Camels .__.

🏹 Dungeons Gear - All the gear of Minecraft Dungeons

💀 Dungeons Mobs - All the mobs of Minecraft Dungeons

🚀 Endergetic Expansion - Find the poise forest on the End to see new mobs and items!

🍃 Enviromental - Upgrade some biomes and adds some others

🥇 GIlded armor - With the new Netherite gilded armor the piglins wouldn't attack you!

🦇 Glow Bats - New bats

📖 JEI - This mods is esencial to see craftings

🍨 Neapolitan - MMmmmmmMMmMmmm..... chocolate.... Ice Creams ...... delicious

😁 Personality - You can sit...... that's all

🌈 Random Shulker Colors - The shulkers will appear with random colors

🐀 Rats - An epic mod that adds RATS and a lot of new things

😈 Savage and Ravage - Better pillagers, better raids

🧙‍♂️ The Conjurer - A new enemy that appear on a new structure

🐟 Upgrade Aquatic - Better oceans 

⚡ Xaeros Minimap - The best minimap mod

⛵ Extra botes - Upgraded botes

🌆 Cycle paintings - With one click you will change the painting

☕ Druidcraft - More mobs, biomes, minerals and MORE MORE MORE

🌿 Nature compass - A compass that will help you to find biomes

🏺 Better shields - New shields

🐷 Earth Mobs Mod - Mobs and items form minecraft earth

👺 Creatures and Beasts - New creatures 

🏴 Dark paintings - New beautyfull paintings

🔥  Dungeon Crawl - New dungeons!

💖 Toro Health - A vanilla RPG health bar for the mobs

🔝 Better advancements - New advancements

🍇 Berry good - Better berries

💜 Purpur Additions - More purpur blocks :3

👨‍🌾 Farmers Delight - Farming but better, new foods and utilities

🥮 Abnormals Delight - A plugin of TeamAbnormals for Farmers Delight!

🥀 Biomes O' Plenty - A lot of new biomes!

🏯 Valhelsia Structures - New structures

🔪 Back tools - Put your tools on your shoulder

🐍 Quark - A BIG mod that improves Minecraft!

🌷 Abundance - Adds new biomes and flowers

🌴 Bayou Blues - A new biome inspired by the swamps of Florida

🍄 Enhanced Mushrooms - A little upgrade to the mushrooms island!





⛔Use optifine!!!

💾 Minimun allocated RAM: 4 GB

💾 Recomended allocated RAM: 8 GB



☕ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ddx11_

🌾 My Youtube: bit.ly/3kbqA7S

🌀 My Electronic Music Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/3r3EzP5

🌿 The perfect playlist for playing this modpack: https://spoti.fi/3r8gLcO




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Personality and better end mods

Rats mod

Dungeons gear mod