vanilla ducktape

82 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

thismod pack really is for players that never have played modded befor but want to try it out


the pros of this modpack from any other is that u can play on it with your vanilla world

there is no world gen what so ever so u can carry on from where u left off in your vanilla world then later on down the road if u deside u dont like modded u can just remove the mod and carry on playing vanilla with minamal clean up ^_^ 


if there is a mod in this pack u are not sure about and dont want to use it simpley just onlock the back and disable/remove it ^_^ 


this modpack includs magic tech bunnys with tophats  a gravestone so if u die u wont lose your items no matter howlong it takes for u to get tehre :D 

guild book + JEI  so u can look up the recipe for items 

more food so u dont spend the rest of your minecraft life eatting bread and potateos 

build high tec machines with ender io  

is your storage room to small with just large chests .... well how a bout a chest that can be as big as u want ^_^

minecraft has to meny limmits on its creative building options chissel and bits are to the rescue ^_^ (warning be carfule fps lag will happen if u go crazy hitting things with a chissel)   having troble finding that 1 spot in your base that monsters are spawning ? press f4 and it will show u the light level of every block around u :D


discord server for all my modpack related things



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