monkeys mod

417 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

BANANANS AND MONKEYS AND VOODOO VILLAGERS.....kinda not yet maby (this is only V1 so it just has bananas atm) 


requiers FABRIC to use 


there is NO WORLD GENERATION in this mod what so ever :) im using custom hostile monsters insted of adding to worldgen 


go out in to the jungle kill a banana and then u can grow bananas of your own to eat :D

there strong

u only need to right click to harvest if u have the right tool :)  
add monkeys
add voodoo villager (he will be your means to get banans if there is no jungle neer by and some voodoo stuff maby) voodoo vilager has been scraped for the now im going to add the things u get from him in to the wandering for now in till im able to add a villager profession
add some more monkey island refrances (its a good game) 

add more food monsters (this may oso be a separate mod) 
add spawn eggs


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