654 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 22, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

this is my 1.10.2 modpack created to play with my dad it dosent have as much magic as monkeymagic but im hoping its still biggner frendly :)

trying my hardest to not add in mods that have world gen so if u think vanilla is getting a tiny bit dull but dont want to restart your world u wont have to (befor u say but what about copper ore and tin and blablabla) EXU2 has a quarry that makes ores out of "thin air" use that if u dont want to exsplore new chunks for the new ores :)

with the new loot table added by mojang from 1.9+ any items that u find in chest will still be in chest u havent opened in chunks u allready genorated :)


im hoping to work on this modpack as time goes on making it more fun and better so plz hold tight and leave feedback :)


discord server for all my modpack related things


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