514 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

you are stranded on a boat and drifted in to a uncharted part of the overworld 

you must try to survive in this part of the world

find an island and try to build a new life while avoiding the creachers of the night

(just like vanilla if u dont like your spawn just make a new world there is no premade anything apart form what u start with in your invtory)

the start is a little bit diffront form your normal minecraft u can punch trees u just cant craft planks the normal way :)

grow your crops in certen times of the year


unlock the magic of the land with roots


build insane machines with immersiveengerneering


or just create a town with harvest festival


breed bees and trees (this is not a requirement for anything just something thats fun to do SEASONS IN THIS MOD PACK DO NOT EFFECT BEES)


NO TINKERS (to over powered for this pack )


a "story mode" is WIP just need to get better at mapmaking 


discord server for all my modpack related things


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