Ultimate Origins Modpack

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thanks bisect

 This description is w.i.p and is not the final version.

      What can you do in this modpack

  1. Have fun with 30+ origins! (Origins List Here)
  2. Play with over 120 mods so you can have fun in Minecraft 
  3. Choose your class (click here for info)
  4. Have more items than in normal Minecraft 
  5. Have an even better nether (more info here)
  6. Better performance (thanks to lithium and other mods thanks to Fabulously Optimized) optifine is incompatible with this modpack.




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Don't repost my modpacks on any other websites without my permission.
I also do not allow anyone to reuse my modpack in any way



Disclaimer: We are mainly updating this modpack on Modrinth!

If you're planning on streaming or recording our Minecraft modpack, we kindly ask that you include a link to our modpack's CurseForge page in your description or an equivalent.


this mod pack is for Fabric 1.19.2

Java edition 


Thanks for reading! I hope you like my modpack.