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A simple open-source modpack for people who are used to having Forge and OptiFine and are curious to see what equivalents Fabric has to offer. You could consider this modpack a "starting point" to optimize your game before adding more functional mods or you could just play this as if it was vanilla - the choice is yours. The pack only adds performance and graphics enhancements to the client, so it works on every world and server.

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Why give up Optifine?

Fabulously Optimized has performance optimizations, shaders, capes and many other features you've come to expect from Optifine, but is overall faster and works better with other mods.

I want shaders!

Optifine shaders and their settings are now supported! Get one of these or see the wiki for a tutorial.

I want a cape!

Capes are supported from Mojang, OptiFine, MinecraftCapes mod, LabyMod and Wynntils. Instructions for a free cape.

I want fancy fonts!

Get a resource pack that adds some! I have several on my profile, with the most popular one being Roboto, the default font on Google Android devices.

I want more parity!

The parity mods are being tracked in Github. Feel free to follow them for updates or suggest more!

My resource pack doesn't work!

See the resource pack issues wiki.

Why give up Forge?

  • Fabric updates fast - on the same day as Minecraft itself, and so do many of its mods
  • Fabric loads fast - roughly the same as vanilla Minecraft, unlike Forge that takes minutes to open
  • Fabric is small - no huge libraries taking space on your computer, for most mods you only need the Fabric loader and Fabric API
  • Fabric is popular - there are more than 250 pages of Fabric mods on Curseforge and more than 100 pages on Modrinth (most overlap though)
  • Fabric is supported - many mod developers support both Fabric and Forge nowadays, some even move to only Fabric now
  • Fabric is compatible - many mod developers work together to keep their mods compatible with each other
  • Fabric is easy - many launchers are supported, and the installers are accessible right from the homepage

Included mods

Click here for a nice version comparison table.

How to install this?

My wiki has install instructions for CurseForge Launcher, MultiMC, GDLauncher and vanilla launcher.

I want more mods!

While I only intend to add mods that fit vanilla style, you are free to add any Fabric mod you want for your Minecraft! Full instructions are here. 

Do I need to configure anything?

The modpack is already configured for the best performance and simplest experience for most users. However, you may want to configure things like dynamic lights, fog distance and cloud height - for that you can start by clicking Mods, choosing a mod and clicking the cog icon, then finding the settings you want to change. See the mod list above on which mods provide which options.

How can I support you?

Here I have listed various ways you can help, with or without the use of money. Thank you!

How should I setup my server?

While there are some mods in this modpack that can work on a server, the goal is still only optimizing the client. Sorry, the "server packs" are just MultiMC versions that are recategorized for easier access.

For servers, I recommend using the latest Paper which supports thousands of plugins and has great performance improvements. And if you don't have a host yet, I recommend BisectHosting - this affiliate link will give you 25% off for the first month!


  • The modpack has been set up to be compatible with the rules of most public third-party servers, but it is your responsibility to verify whether you are allowed to use it or not. By installing this modpack you agree that the the modpack author, the mod developers and Mojang provide no warranties for using this modpack, every action you do with it is your own.
  • The command /ghost (provided by AntiGhost) may be disabled or disallowed on some servers as it sends a slight amount of packets, but it is overall safe if you use it rarely, only when needed.
  • This modpack disables the third-party server disclaimer, so if you are using the multiplayer function, you also agree to the following: "Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang Studios or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone.".
  • You must also be aware that you can use the "social interactions" screen by pressing the key P in-game.
  • This modpack is using Starlight for chunk optimization and due to the way it works, disabling (or replacing) the mod will make your existing worlds initially load a bit slower. This is harmless, it simply means the game is calculating the lit up areas again with a different algorithm.

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Please use comments only for general comments and questions, bugs/suggestions should go to Discord or GitHub.


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