Tolkien Tweaks

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** The information below and on the wiki only applies to the original TolkienTweaks version, not the FallCraft Edition

** This mod requires Brandonscore


Created as a way to implement items, functions, and blocks as a single package rather than to download large numbers of mods for one or two things.


It's original purpose was to allow the TolkienCraft II modpack to have unique abilities it has been added here to allow anyone to use.

 Even though this mod was originally intended to fill holes in things needed while building the TolkienCraft modpacks, now that there are no dependencies other than Brandonscore it can be used by anyone.


A more detailed description can be found at the wiki above.

Some of the built-in features are:

  • Various Items used as whatever you wish (some are intended to be used as completion tokens)
  • A currency of sorts
    • copper, silver and gold coins with no crafting recipe to be used as currency in a map
  • 5 different key variants
    • Works for the keystone and chest
  •  Milestone
    • When placed down acts as a waypoint to that specific location and has an interface in the player inventory
    • Can be named for the location which will float above the milestone
    • Stand near the Milestone (this will also be the return spawn location) enter the command /milestone-config name <name_word_2> (put _ anywhere you need a space in the name)
  • Spawner
    • Camouflaged
    • GUI to fully configure (full details at wiki link above)
  • Configurable "smoker"
    • Works like the railcraft smoker, it can be camouflaged to look like nearly any block
    • Allows for colored smoke, default is white but can be any of the 16 colors in minecraft
  • A "Locked Chest"
    • Item works similarly to an ME chest (Chest is a receptacle, the key actually stores the information) and allows map makers to create a single or double chest linked to a unique key to allow for multiple players to receive rewards from the same chest. 
  • A keystone
    • Can be camouflaged to look like any block, allowing for the keystone to be hidden unless the player has the key in hand.
    • The redstone signal length can be changed to be as long as needed (how long it stays on when activated)
    • This block will send out a redstone signal when you right click with the correct key
      • You set the key and keystone to a unique ID (this can be a name or set of numbers)


Please note the mod requirements to be able to use this mod.


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