Stonebound: Homecoming

1,916 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2  

"267 Mods loaded! (total time: 15m 29s)"

"20 Colliding Keybindings!"

"Server crashed again!"

"Need more advanced electronic circuits!"


Mods can be stressful. Take a break from all the grief you get from the pack giants and enjoy this innocent little pile of tweaks and additions. It will remind you what playing vanilla felt like and show how much time can be spent even with only a low amount of mods.

So many things to do! But the goal is back in your hand, not in the Mods' progression line or hardcore quests.

Aside from the vast options vanilla has to offer already:

  • realize your technical ideas with the help of Immersive Engineering!
  • get creative with Chisels and Bits, Custom C&B armor, Bibliocraft and many more!
  • experience the depth to mods like Quark, Rustic and Animania!
  • Ride around with style on your personal cars!

I invite you to try homecoming's play-style and wish great fun!

 This pack was made for the Stonebound community. Website | Apply here | Discord

May contain traces of:

*Note: Optifine Shaders work mighty fine in this pack!


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