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Filename Real
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Uploaded May 3, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 5.09 MB
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MD5 55020ae74cde083c32f54d3128062fa9
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Real Tech 3.0.20b --> Real Tech 3.0.21b


- Dynamic Surroundings



Config adjustments:
-More animal weight tweaks. (That's my life now. It's what I do.... constantly.)


Advanced Finders (AdFinders-1.16.4- --> AdFinders-1.16.4-
* added: support for Allthemodium (thanks to BlessedSalls)
* added: support for Omega Craft (thanks to active_films)
* added: options for adjusting the size of the indicators (thanks to guigadj)
* requires: ForgeEndertech or above


Alex's Mobs (alexsmobs-1.9.0 --> alexsmobs-1.9.1):
-Added new Music Disc by LudoCrypt, Thime, obtained from seal bartering
-New textures for Orca
-New textures for Grizzly Bear
-Buffed Enderiophage attack
-Buffed Mantis Shrimp against shulker
-Shulkers killed by Mantis Shrimp always drop a shell
-Kangaroo can now wear pumpkin, player heads, etc.
-Fixed not being able to use name tag, spawn egg on Cachalot Whale
-Fixed Endergrade not dropping saddle on death
-Fixed Leafcutter Anthill not registered properly
-Fixed crash with Straddler and Stradpole
-Fixed Cachalot Whale ignoring mobGreifing
-Fixed Raccoon not triggering taming advancement
-Fixed Cachalot Whale lag when targeting a creature outside of water
-Fixed Kangaroo armor never breaking
-Updated various translations


AmbientSounds 3 (AmbientSounds_v3.1.5_mc1.16.5.jar --> AmbientSounds_v3.1.6_mc1.16.5.jar):
Fixed client command not being thread safe
Ported to 1.16.5


Architectury API (Forge) ([Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.12.145 --> [Forge 1.16.4/5] v1.12.148):


Backpacked (Backpacked 1.9.0 --> Backpacked 1.10.0):
Backpacked 1.10.0:
+ Added support for Catalogue mod item icon
+ Added support for Configured mod background texture
* Fixed missing lang entry for config value


Backpacked 1.9.1:
* Fixed dependency version issue if loading with Forge 36.1.10 or above


Backpacker (Backpacker 1.2.3 --> Backpacker 1.3.0):
Backpacker 1.3.0:
+ Added support for Catalogue mod item icon
+ Added support for Configured mod config texture


Better Animals Plus (Better Animals Plus 1.16.4-10.1.0 --> Better Animals Plus 1.16.5-10.2.0):
Better Animals Plus 1.16.5-10.2.0:
Feature Additions
* Tags for foods (recipe support for Pam's HarvestCraft, etc)
* Configuration options to allow nerfing of boars
* New configuration layout, names, and comments (THIS WILL BREAK YOUR CONFIG! Back them up!)
* Live, in-game reloading of configuration (you need to exit to the menu for full functionality)
* Deer can now additionally be bred with golden carrots, apples, and golden apples (originally wheat and carrots)
* Fixed timing of shark and squid attacks
* Fixed some step sounds not working
* Improved code stability and readability
* Fixed turkey block not displaying correctly in campfires or item frames
* Fixed animals with eye glow not looking right/having a fully black texture with most shaders
* Fixed placement of animal heads and turkey blocks in water not waterlogging properly
* Fixed bees not being able to pollinate from trillium (added to small_flowers tag)
* Fixed feral wolves and coyotes not being set to full health when tamed
* Fixed feral wolves and coyotes whimpering at 1/3 health - now is 1/2
* Fixed insect (butterfly/dragonfly) pathfinder pathing to non-air or water blocks
* Fixed butterflies not pathing to a new position after reaching first position
* Tweak crab animations, fix slight floating off ground
* Improved behavior of crab easter egg (auto-expiration of animation)
* Decreased the rate of grass eating in animals that eat grass
* Cleaned up internal tags
* Fixed being unable to equip a cape if anything was in the chestplate slot
* Fixed tamed coyotes and feral wolves being considered hostiles
* Fixed deer not consuming wheat or carrots but still breeding
* Fixed serializable errors on newer Java versions (Java 11+)
* Fixed configuration using last loaded biomes as defaults instead of the actual defaults
* 1.15: Fixed duplicate spawn entries when the world is reloaded
* 1.16: Fixed GlobalEntityTypeAttributes.put warnings on newer Forge versions
* 1.16: Fixed moose heads and brown bear heads not appearing in the creative menu or JEI
* 1.16: Essential Features portable jukebox compat now works with standalone version
* 1.16: Fixed config loading issues
* 1.16: Fixed animals not spawning in modded biomes properly
* Updated Italian translation (Credit: NinoSecret)


Biomes O' Plenty (Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.4- --> Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.5-
Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.5-
* Tweaks to the Burnt Forest sub-biome


Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.4-
* Don't upload to maven - Those who want it can use Curseforge's one instead
* More Jenkins changes
* More Jenkinsfile changes
* Jenkinsfile updates
* pl_pl localization (#1840)
* * Update pl_pl.json
* * Added proper spacings here and there


Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.4-
* -Modded End and Nether chunk generator compat in BOP Worldtype (#1825)


Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.4-
* Update spanish translations (#1821)
* * Update es_es.json
* * Update es_ar.json
* * Update es_mx.json
* * Update es_ar.json
* * Update es_es.json
* * Update es_mx.json


Biomes O' Plenty 1.16.4-
* Fixed beach biomes not working...For the entirety of 1.16.4...


Colytra (Forge) (colytra-forge-1.16.4- --> colytra-forge-1.16.5-
* Added Aether integration



Controlling (Controlling- --> Controlling-
Current version:
* [Add events for modcompat]( - Jared - Mon Apr 19 00:40:07 2021


CraftTweaker (CraftTweaker-1.16.5- --> CraftTweaker-1.16.5-
Current version:
* [add docs to material and add PushReaction]( - Jared - Mon May 3 01:23:25 2021
* [update ZC]( - Jared - Mon May 3 01:21:35 2021


Current version:
* [Fix mods compiled against an old version. Close #1255]( - Jared - Wed Apr 28 18:31:59 2021
* [Lazy init in IngredientAny (#1254)]( - youyihj - Wed Apr 28 02:30:15 2021
* [fix newlines in generated markdown]( - Jared - Tue Apr 27 22:55:32 2021
* [print getter and setter descriptions]( - Jared - Tue Apr 27 22:40:31 2021
* [add a newline so the heading isn't part of the table]( - Jared - Tue Apr 27 21:52:45 2021
* [fix enums not having their properties printed]( - Jared - Tue Apr 27 21:42:13 2021
* [add entity.position]( - Jared - Mon Apr 26 03:57:53 2021
* [IData rewrites now support optional types]( - Jared - Mon Apr 26 03:13:59 2021
* [update mod template to fix manifest versions]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 23:35:08 2021
* [[Not Ready] Feature/generic recipe manager (#1209)]( - kindlich - Sun Apr 25 21:30:46 2021
* [Misc Changes (#1252)]( - youyihj - Sun Apr 25 21:14:09 2021
* [Misc Changes (#1252)]( - youyihj - Sun Apr 25 21:13:55 2021
* [EntityType Ingredient]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 06:08:14 2021
* [rename TagWithAmountFluidIngredient to FluidTagWithAmountIngredient]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 05:55:30 2021
* [Finish fluid ingredient]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 05:50:20 2021
* [FluidIngredient works with a List<T>]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 05:37:25 2021
* [start work on fluidingredient]( - Jared - Sun Apr 25 05:37:25 2021
* [Clarify some method names]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:03:18 2021
* [Replace Mixin with MethodHandle collection]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:03:15 2021
* [Remove the need for matching types]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:01:54 2021
* [Move Trade and Loot Modifier to method handle helper]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:01:54 2021
* [Create helper for usage of method handles]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:01:53 2021
* [Move back to invokeExact for Basic Trade Exposer]( - TheSilkMiner - Sat Apr 24 19:01:37 2021
* [add extra logging to log file creation errors]( - Jared - Sat Apr 24 03:18:27 2021
* [implement removeByInput. Close #1219]( - Jared - Sat Apr 24 03:14:55 2021
* [Fix serialization issues]( - Jared - Sat Apr 24 02:16:06 2021
* [fix forge maven link]( - Jared - Sat Apr 24 01:11:17 2021
* [Add ToolType support. (#1237)]( - Benedek Szilvasy - Sat Apr 24 01:10:44 2021
* [fix basic trade matching. Close #1243]( - Jared - Fri Apr 23 22:58:55 2021
* [fix recursion]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 23:29:09 2021
* [fix most if not all inconsistencies of internal vs getInternal()]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 22:41:12 2021
* [cleanup Ingredients and Serializers. Fixed Partial NBT. Close #1240]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 21:17:22 2021
* [re-add partialnbt]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 21:17:22 2021
* [add a way to get an Entity from EntityType]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 19:13:02 2021
* [fix villager trade javadoc]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 15:11:02 2021
* [use invoke not invoke exact for basic trades]( - Jared - Thu Apr 22 14:56:14 2021
* [fix check size on MCTagWithAmount]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 20:14:13 2021
* [Add support for Basic Trades. Close #1243]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 17:49:27 2021
* [more typo fixes...]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 17:27:36 2021
* [Fix villager trade docs casing]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 17:05:29 2021
* [fix breaking changes from the last version]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 14:39:47 2021
* [Update mod template to fix changelog]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 02:18:36 2021
* [Thanks git for cutting these lines off]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 01:15:10 2021
* [Make removeRecipe work with ingredients]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 01:11:06 2021
* [Add some basic StringUtils]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 00:44:36 2021
* [Don't print * 0 for empty stacks]( - Jared - Wed Apr 21 00:38:36 2021
* [projectName -> displayName]( - Jared - Sun Apr 18 06:55:36 2021
* [update modtemplate]( - Jared - Sun Apr 18 06:53:43 2021


CreativeCore (CreativeCore_v2.1.0_mc1.16.5.jar --> CreativeCore_v2.1.3_mc1.16.5.jar):
Fixed receiving string, uuid and json not working on server side


Reverted client command registry changes


Reworked client commands
Added lang file
Updated to 1.16.5


Enchantment Descriptions (EnchantmentDescriptions-1.16.5-7.0.7.jar --> EnchantmentDescriptions-1.16.5-7.0.8.jar):
* Fix Golden Helmet, Golden Leggings, and Turtle Shell Helmet being hidden in JEI. - Tyler Hancock


Farmer's Delight (Farmer's Delight 0.4.1 - 1.16.3+ --> Farmer's Delight 0.4.2 - 1.16.5):
Farmer's Delight 0.4.2 - 1.16.5:
* Full migration to 1.16.5, due to crucial Forge updates;
*  Added custom CraftTweaker support, courtesy of Eutro!
* Custom methods for adding Cooking Pot recipes, with optional container fields;
* Custom methods for adding (and removing) Cutting Board recipes, with ToolIngredient compatibility;
*  A few experiments with Tree Bark:
* 3 Tree Bark can now be crafted into 1 Paper;
* Tree Bark now smelts 1 item instead of half an item, making it a reliable "unit" fuel;
* Small update to Rich Soil Farmland, allowing Botania Floating Flowers to not trample it;
* Cabbage Rolls now consult the tag farmersdelight:cabbage_roll_ingredients for valid fillings (thank you, bagel!);
* Added config option for changing Rich Soil's chance of boosting crops every random tick (0.0 disables boosting entirely);
*  Improved loot modification for knife actions:
* Pies now drop all remaining slices when mined with a knife, similar to a Cake;
* Loot modifier for this mechanic is now open to pack makers;
* Knife Scavenging (e.g. leather from cows etc) has been moved away from loot injections, improving datapack compatibility;
* For the time being, due to a technical hurdle, Hoglins will only drop 1 Ham, regardless of Looting;
*  Updated translations:
* zh_tw (thank you, Pancakes0228!)


Gauges and Switches (rsgauges-1.16.4-1.2.8.jar --> rsgauges-1.16.4-1.2.9.jar):
* v1.2.9     [F] Lang file update zh_cn (PR#41, ty kappa-maintainer).
[F] Fixed Power Plant documentation (issue#42, ty Artin).
* v1.2.9-b1  [F] Fixed Stained Redstone Sensitive Glass recipe (issue #40).


GraveStone Mod ([1.16.5] Gravestone Mod 1.16.5-1.0.1 --> [1.16.5] Gravestone Mod 1.16.5-1.0.4):
[1.16.5] Gravestone Mod 1.16.5-1.0.4:
* Added japanese translation


[1.16.5] Gravestone Mod 1.16.5-1.0.3:
* Added ukrainian translation


[1.16.5] Gravestone Mod 1.16.5-1.0.2:
* Updated to official mappings


Guard Villagers (guardvillagers- --> guardvillagers-
* Fixed NPE with guards trying to find owners


* Fixed guard armor value not applying correctly while taking armor on and off again


ItemPhysic Lite (ItemPhysicLite_v1.4.7_mc1.16.4.jar --> ItemPhysicLite_v1.4.8_mc1.16.5.jar):
Updated to 1.16.5


Just Enough Items (JEI) (jei-1.16.5- --> jei-1.16.5-
No changelog available.


Large Ore Deposits (AdLods-1.16.4- --> AdLods-1.16.4-
* fixed: placing of aboveground indicators inside of caves instead of ground surface (thanks to weswesley)
* requires: ForgeEndertech or above


MineColonies (minecolonies-0.14.95-BETA-universal.jar --> minecolonies-0.14.135-BETA-universal.jar):
Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.14.135-BETA
Structurize Version: 0.13.169-ALPHA
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/main' into version/main
* Add missing breaking particles to buildings (#7026)
Adds missing breaking particles to the bakery, mechanic, and mystical site. These should be the last of the missing particles from buildings. * Fixes (#7023)
Bumps structurize Fixes a lang error * hotfix 7030 * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/main' into version/main * Medieval Graveyard (#7018)
-Added graveyard for all medieval main styles.. * Add breaking particles for graveyard (#7017)
Add breaking particles to the graveyard block which were previously missing * Improve food hand out (#7012)
Actually stops the cook from handing out food that's turned off Also stops citizens from picking up food that's turned off themselves Tell cook to keep some food in the inventory * ItemStorage fixes, Tooltips, Beekeeper_2 Research (#7006)
Fixes serialization issue in ItemStorageFactory causing Research Costs to not display properly. Adds tooltips to the Town Hall and Colonist Happiness windows, describing the various Happiness modifiers. Adds a maximum amount of stored additionalChildTime, currently set to the amount that will allow one child to be instantly-grown. Handles a case where the colony would store up enough additionalChildTime that every child past that point would be instantly-grown, only really occurring on servers where a player was leaving themselves logged in for long periods of time away from the colony. Adds a research allowing Beekeepers to collect both combs and bottles, which alternates between the two. Various changes to the AI and message structure to support that. Sorry for stealing the assigned topic, Raven, but owed you given how long the Research system update took me. I'm not attached to the name or subtitle, but a Winnie the Pooh reference or two seems on-point. * Bump structurize (#7000)
Bump structurize * Schem updates (#6999)
updates asian and Caledonia stuff, from thaylar fixes fortress alt university fixes birch large field * Fix possible crash when setting blockstates (#7002)
Marking a neighbour in a chunksection which potentially had no block could lead to crashes * Fix stuckhandler not detecting unsuccessfull loops through timeouts (#7003)
Fix stuckhandler not detecting unsuccessfull loops through timeouts, because it was gated by other stuck logic * Have custom Recipes delegate reading of ItemStorage inputs to ItemStorage (#7004)
Now, ItemStorage owns the interpretation of the JSON object that encodes an item in customrecipe JSONs This allowed me to add a matchType to the object, which informs the ItemStorage what state to set the shouldIgnoreNBT to This enables future extension for more complex NBT matches. * fix cme (#6998)
Fix grave removal during tick * Add additional check to the food request to avoid requesting 0 saturation food (#6997)
Adds another check to the Food request to avoid requesting food with zero saturation to make this equal to the food list * Unlock item tooltip (#6943)
Adds a "show-tooltip" property to crafterrecipes. Transfers crafterrecipes with either of these traits set to true to remote client, ~~and stores them inside a separate recipeOutputMap. Documents in code which recipe map is populated based on sidedness. ~~ This should help with some of the JEI plugin work, Properly sets CustomRecipeManager to clear at start of data reload listener (eg, no longer having recipe data from previous worlds, or before a data pack disable). Adds a client event handler to show tooltips for all items with the "show-tooltip" property, and to handle research unlocks for hut blocks. Removes addInformation-override based tooltips for research on AbstractHutBlocks, and for crafter origin from baked goods and gates. Item-specific matters like effects and gate behavior remain in the item-specific addInformation call, but this should be more manageable for customized environments. Cleans up some research-related code and comments. Provides a way to collect the research (or researches) tied to a given effect. This may be null, if no research with the effect is loaded. Provides a fast way to check if an item, ItemStack, or ItemStorage can be made with any crafterrecipe. I'm not perfectly happy with the UI result, so feedback on that would be appreciated. Current tooltip behavior is:
Red text when in a colony that does not have a building of the required level, or the research, or when outside a colony when one's owned colony does not have the requirements. Aqua text when within a colony that does have the research or required building of the required level, or when outside of a colony but when your owned colony has the research or required building of the required level. I'm not sure if it makes sense to have the research ones disappear when they're fulfilled, instead. Gray text for simple information, such as where the recipe doesn't require research or a specific building level. Similarly, not sure if ge... * Expands turnoffExplosionsInColonies Setting (#6985)
Makes turnOffExplosionsInColonies into an enum, ~~where zero completely deadens explosions, one allows explosions to damage entities but not the environment, and two allows explosions as they'd normally occur outside of colony borders. (see discussion here and above) ~~ where DAMAGEEVERYTHING is vanilla behavior, DAMAGEENTITIES is basically a colony-specific no-griefing gamerule, DAMAGE_PLAYERS only allows harm to players and mobs but not citizens or blocks or animals, and DAMAGENOTHING stops the explosion from firing. Configuration files will automatically reset back to a setting of DAMAGENOTHING (ie, completely disabled explosions, ie how things previously were). I left the Explosion.Start handler in-place, but as far as I can tell, this almost entirely duplicates what's going on in Explosion.Detonate for totally stopping explosions, but with less fidelity (maybe in exchange for reducing the cost of ray projections?). It may make sense to remove it, as it's why the explosion 'dust' swirl doesn't go off, and its logic chain doesn't match the description of turnOffExplosionsInColonies applying "regardless of colony protection". But I'm not sure if there are outside cases where it's relevant. Added a knight ignore damage that fires for explosive damage, if the knight has and can use a shield. * Fix courier AI issue when picking up from cook (#6994)
Moves the food check to a new method to avoid NPE because list module is not yet available when calling the constructor * hotfix crash when dman is awol


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.14.118-BETA
Structurize Version: 0.13.166-ALPHA
* rescans the blackstone keep and fancy keep (#6990)
Rescans the blackstone keep and fancy keep * Misc schem, lang, etc fixes (#6984)
Removes duplicate towncenter jungle deco, on request of John Fixes a couple lang errors Marks Imri as active again, on her request * Fix food interaction & food smelting (#6969)
Fix food interactions again (should now definitely not display when valid food is in inventory) Don't smelt food that's not on the menu Don't keep smeltable food that's not on the menu * Added stone variants to pathblocks (#6953)
andesite, diorite, and granite, polished versions, and slabs and stairs for each to paths * hotfix 6975 * Multi fixes (#6967)
Builder now prefetches material only after clear stage Workers keep tools in the propper way now (especially builder) Fix citizens getting stuck at block with stair on top. Fix citizen skill reqs rendering weirdly Small NPE fixes Decrease initial stuck timeout. This way citizens don't stay stuck for 30s, but only for 10s. Make sure to pick up enough items always * Some fixes (#6971)
Fix client not getting all neighbor updates Fix raids last raider only despawning after 20+ Fix raiders AA arrow not working as intended * Medieval schematics Update - Alternative Dark Oak (#6960)
This is it!, finally medieval styles got properly updated and finished since the version jump into 1.12 that changed all. Updated medieval schems, mainly alternative dark oak: (These buildings got reworked and need to be deconstructed/rebuilt) -Townhall -archery -baker -combatacademy -barracks and its towers -restaurant -deliveryman -builder -forester -sawmill -swineherder -chickenherder -guardtower -fisherman -warehouse -cowhand -farmer -miner
--Added dark oak mystical site.
Legends say that anyone thats builds the lvl5 darkoak medieval alternative townhall in survival deserves to be crowned
I have to thanks everyone that uses medieval schems, your comments and opinions as well as the fun you have with the styles is my main motivation to work on this. Thank you a lot as well as the awesome devs :) * New Graveyard Building - New Graves - New Undertaker Job (#6737)
Changes proposed in this pull request: Add a new building: the graveyard Add a new job: the gravedigger When citizen die within the city border; spawn a grave that contain the citizen info & its inventory This grave will decay after a certain amount of time an go to a decay state. After a while the decayed grave will disappear The player can retrieve the inventory of the grave The gravedigger role is to collect graves of dead citizen, bring their inventory back to the graveyard, bring the grave back to the graveyard and build a new gravestone (named grave) in the graveyard if there is space for it The gravedigger has a very small chance of resurrecting a citizen before burying them. This change improve with the graveyard level, the mana skill of the gravedigger and 2 research in the university This chance is capped to 10% with all maxed out bonus, but this cap can be slightly increase by building mystical site or with 2 research in the university The gravestone built by the gravedigger in the graveyard have a custom renderer displaying the name and job of the buried citizen The gravedigger is immune to mourning, so they can work when another citizen die When a citizen is burry, the mourning time for this citizen will fall from 1 full day to half a day add achievement for the first grave collected by the grave digger add achievement for the first resurrection the graveyard gui contains an information text that explain how it works the graveyard gui contains a list of grave to collect in the city the graveyard gui contains a list of all citizen burried in it When the gravedigger has no grave to collect, he will visit home to get to know citizen and visit magical buildings in the city to train his mana skill include all the stone schematics to allow players to already start using the feature. Our schematics builder can feel free to modify them of course. The graveyard schematics sho... * make getOwnBuilding not null (#6951)
First make it an optional where it's optinal for the settings Then, handle this properly, now building check is properly done in the safetyChecks and reduces error lights in AIs


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.14.107-BETA
Structurize Version: 0.13.166-ALPHA
* Bump structurize (#6903)
Bump structurize * Remove optional for modules, and add optional optional method (#6910)
Instead of using flat optionals for the modules. This allows to do both to reduce code complexity and improve performance. * Add crusher recipes for bonemeal. (#6941)
Add crusher recipes for bonemeal. The base recipes are the same as vanilla; with research it's a bit better. Allow mechanic to craft bone blocks (since they're basically a storage block, but not in the tag). * The rest of the rescans (#6945)
Rescans the asian, cave, jungle, mesa, sandstone, spacewars, and warped styles Couple minor schem fixes, including adding a furnace to the warped dyer and adding another torch to the default mineshafts (the 2nd one is from john) By the nature of a rescan, probably also includes some other schem fixes * Fix mob spawns in buildings (#6946)
Fix mob spawns in buildings, previous callback was never invoked/had some issues * The beginning of the rescan. (#6942)
Rescans the birch, Caledonia, and fortress styles, as those seemed to be the ones reported the most Also rescans the acacia, dark oak, nordic, stone, and wooden styles * Hive tool plays audio cue for adding/removing, in case you can't see chat. (#6933)
Since the hive tool alternates between adding and removing hives, and it's not otherwise obvious which one it's doing if you can't read the chat for some reason: adds some audio cues. * Medieval Schems big Update (#6916)
Updated Spruce and Birch Alternative Medieval Schematics, as well as some fixes for the other wood types.
--Added mystical site for spruce and birch. --Reworked alternative spruce and birch schems, this means that the following buildings need to be deconstructed/rebuilt: -restaurant -sawmill -forester -courier -builder -miner -baker -archery -combatacademy -swineherder -chickenherder -barracks and its towers -guardtower -cowhand -warehouse
Fixed "minor" scan issues with previous schems. Replaced multiblock mechanism in all walls and huts with the iron/wooden wall gates. * Research UI Updates (#6890)
Fixes play/cancel/check icons on the research UIs not accepting clicks. Fixes the time labels for the tree gui's top showing incorrectly calculated hour estimates. Extends the research name label, at least enough for Captain of the Guard and What is this Speed. Changes text color for unfulfilled requirements and warning text to a lighter salmon pink instead of the dark red. Overrides hovertext on research requirement item icons, to more precisely describe the requirement and change textcolor to salmon/aqua depending on whether it is fulfilled/unfulfilled. Right now, this includes building and research requirements on the main tooltip for the research, but item requirements only show on mouseover for their specific icons. I'm not sure that's the right compromise between clarity and too-much-text; it's pretty easy to change either direction, but a quick attempt at including everything made multi-item researches look a little much. * Fix nether raiders spawning ontop (#6921)
Fix nether raiders spawning ontop using vanilla's dimension type height call(unmapped) * Improve food list (#6897)
Exclude cookable food items from the food list in the GUI Only request food if it or (if smeltable) the smelting result is not in the food exclusion list * Lang fixes (#6902)
Renames Homelessness to Housing in the town hall GUI, since it also depends on the homes' levels Fixes shepherd hut GUI not using the lang string for the hut's name (took fix from swineherder's hut) Adds colony name to the "Build request created!" messages Fixes double colon for one of the "started building" messages * Schem fixes (#6901)
Adds fortress alternative mystical site (from Draxx) Fixes fortress tree farm having too much air below it and not enough air above it (from Draxx) Fixes birch cowhand's hut (from Thaylar) * Colony Color/Progress Settings, Fixes enableDebugLogging (#6907)
Moves reconfigureLogging to occur on reloads of the server-side configuration. Their previous place onPostInit meant they would also be configured based on default values; now they're happening when the server has fully loaded the file from disk. Probably still worth keeping in mind that it only writes to the debug.log file. Fixes colony team colors resetting to white on world reloads. Caused by initial colony loading happening before the world itself was not-null, on both servers and single-player. Removes auto-toggle-off of ProgressManager.printProgress. Between MANUALEMPLOYMENTON and WAREHOUSE_BUILT, using raw citizen or building counts to do so already seems an awkward fit, and more generally, having a user-mode toggle button disabling itself on world reload without feedback to the user seems more frustration than it's worth, with 6449 an example. Fixes Research Effect Subtitles only displaying where a manually-assigned Research Effect description was also present. Adds further config test to hopefully reduce confusion for those config settings.


NoMoWanderer (nomowanderer_MC1.16.5_1.0.jar --> nomowanderer_MC1.16.5_1.1.jar):
Switched to using a configurable entity block list rather than only blocking hard-coded entities.


PackMenu (PackMenu-1.16.4-2.4.1.jar --> PackMenu-1.16.4-2.4.2.jar):
Allow buttons to specify hover text.


Placebo (Placebo-1.16.4-4.4.1.jar --> Placebo-1.16.4-4.4.2.jar):
ItemAdapter can now deserialize an empty stack if passed minecraft:air
Added an event for when items are used
Added compat with Lootr
Added an event for when a player blocks with a shield
Make SpawnerEditor use IWorld


Platforms (platforms-1.16-1.7.10.jar --> platforms-1.16-1.7.11.jar):
Limit speed platform select gui can be opened and closed to solve cases where it was being opened and closed too fast (eg. failing mouse button multi triggering, or multi click macro) causing the game to hang
[opening is limited to four times a second, and the gui can not be closed within twenty-five milliseconds of opening]


Pollution of the Realms (AdPother-1.16.4- --> AdPother-1.16.4-
* added: support for Realistic Torches (thanks to pwigary)
* added: support for Industrial Foregoing (thanks to emanuele_246gi)
* added: support for Simple Planes (thanks to DMN_CS)
* added: support for lava as a fuel for vanilla furnace
* requires: ForgeEndertech or above


Quark (Quark-r2.4-310.jar --> Quark-r2.4-311.jar):
* Fixed the file containing roughly 2MB of voice files I put there for a meme and forgot to take out lol
* Added a general config to modify advancement visibility depth, which is mostly for personal use so I just stuck it in there but I guess someone else might want it idk


Simple Planes (Forge) (simpleplanes-1.16.4-4.1.2.jar --> simpleplanes-1.16.5-4.2.2.jar):
Fixed crash


Quick fix for engine replacing bug


* Plane workbench json recipes, JEI integration
* Electric engine and charging station


Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ (SnowRealMagic-1.16.4-2.5.5.jar --> SnowRealMagic-1.16.4-2.5.7.jar):
No changelog available.


Tinkers Construct compatibility
security patch


Structurize (structurize-0.13.163-ALPHA-universal.jar --> structurize-0.13.169-ALPHA-universal.jar):
Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.169-ALPHA
* Lang fixes (#365)


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.168-ALPHA
* hotfix 363


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.167-ALPHA
* fix rack placement issues (#361)
Fixes handling of containers


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.166-ALPHA
* Allow java 9+ to work again
Fixed annoying JVM error crash for j9+


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.165-ALPHA
* Defer TE registration (#350)
Deferred registration of tile entities for accurate event order with deferred blocks Can't reproduce to confirm fix, but this is a general code improvement anyway.


Minecolonies Changelog
Version: 0.13.164-ALPHA
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.16.3' into version/1.16.3
* hotfix


Supplementaries (supplementaries-1.16.5-0.12.0.jar --> supplementaries-1.16.5-0.12.1.jar):
v 0.12.1:
Way signs will no longer generate in dimensions that have no villages.
Cog block with 1 power has a new texture


Tinkers Construct (Tinkers' Construct for 1.16.5 --> Tinkers' Construct for 1.16.5):
Tinkers' Construct for 1.16.5:
Tool AOE
* Change AOE behavior of existing tools
* No more even number AOE
* Hammers and excavators now start at 3x3, and expand to 3x5 then 5x5
* Scythe now starts at 3x3x3 and expands to 5x5x3 then 5x5x5
* Pickaxe now gains depth when expanding
* Mattock now gains veining when expanding
* Hand axe and kama now expands into a plus shape before the 3x3
* Added vein hammer: can vein mine with a 2 block distance, and be upgraded to a 4 block distance
* Added broad axe: high damage and can fell whole trees
* Unlike the lumber axe, it will only fell a single column in 2x2 trees by default
* Adding expanders allows felling 1x3 trees then 2x3 trees
Other tool changes
* Added repair kits, for repairing tools in the crafting table
* Make jagged and stonebound less explosive on broad tools
* Tasty now adds bacon
* Fix crafting station not keeping log textures on drop
* Prevent using an empty bucket or can as a filter, let to confusion
* Added debris nuggets, for using leftover molten debris
* Changed the texture of seared bricks to make it more unique from netherite ingots
* Allow filling buckets using drains by interacting using a copper can or bucket
* Fix issues with stacked copper cans filling Tinkers tanks, further issues are the responsibility of other mods
* Fix a potential crash in the casting renderer
* Fix container filling recipe deleting inputs NBT and not checking if it can be filled
* Increase efficiency of slime boots further
* Added tag blacklist for piggybackpack
* Tagged slimy leaves and saplings for better mod and vanilla compat
* Material render info can now be set to not use unique textures, mainly used for the internal UI materials
* Tag all books as forge:books
* Fix potential server attack with one of our packets


Tinkers' Construct for 1.16.5:
* Added materials pages to the books for the first 4 tiers
* Fix crash on mobs spawning on certain blocks
* Potentially fix crash with tags on server load


Tinkers' Construct for 1.16.5:
* Make it cheaper to cast blaze rods from molten blaze
* Casting blaze rods now requires a rod cast, which can also be used for some Immersive Engineering recipes
* Added multi-use cast tags so other mods can more easily add cast variants
* More metal melting and casting support. Now supports gears, plates, rods, sheetmetal, and coins
* Fix steel melting temperature being too high
* Fix stonecutting seared blocks into themselves
Smeltery structure
* Smeltery and melter controller now have separate states for burning (shows flames) and valid structure
* This means the flames on the controller will only show when fuel is being consumed
* All smeltery blocks now have a in_structure state, that is visible on the debug screen. It will be true when its part of a valid smeltery
* Max smeltery size is now 16x16x65, or 14x14x64 internal
* Unfortunately, there was no easy way to migrate this change. You will need to break and replace the melter's fuel source and a block in the bottom row of the smeltery to update
Tool parts
* Tool rods are now called tool handles
* Tough tool rods are now called tough handles
* Part builder now shows when a material is unusable
* Added lightspeed modifier: use glowstone to make your tool mine faster in the light
* Added blasting modifier: use gunpoweder to make your pickaxe break low blast resistance blocks faster
* Added hydraulic modifier: use prismarine shards to make your pickaxe mine faster in the rain or underwater
* Necrotic can now be added to tools using a wither rose, a ghast tear, and a block of congealed blood
* Tagged scythe and kama as "forge:tools/scythe" for thermal cultivation compatibility
* Split harvestable tags to make it easier for addons, see Github wiki for more details
* Allow harvesting beehives and carving faces on pumpkins
* Husks and drowned now drop zombie heads (temporary until we add proper heads)
* Strays now drop skeleton skulls (temporary until we add stray skulls)
* Withers now drop wither skeleton skulls, little bit of salvage
* Snow golems now drop pumpkins, or snow blocks if they were sheared
* Slime boots now work on non-players
* Sky slimes behave as if they are always wearing slime boots, they will no longer die when jumping off the island
* Sky slimes now jump higher
* Endermen can now carry slime dirt and congealed slime
* Renamed cobalt ore to "Nether Cobalt Ore" for vanilla consistency
* Fix a potential crash on load with composter recipes being registered
* Mighty smelting is now crafted from molten seared stone instead of molten copper
* Puny smelting is now crafted using grout instead of a seared brick
* Make tool part layout cleaner
* Add support for rendering material pages
* Fix modifier recipes not supporting overslime recipes
* Fix modifiers section not supporting non-modifier pages
* Improved behavior of piggy back pack, it should be more intutive
* Fix ender slime slings teleporting the player into invalid locations, such as past the worldborder
* Fix fancy frames being unlocalized and not rendering right, clear item frames are once again clear
* Striders are warmed by liquid magma or molten blaze
* Soul fire can be placed on soul glass
* Piglins now guard rose gold and silky jewel blocks
* Modifier chest stack size limited to 16
* Fix scrollbar on chests not working


Tiny Redstone (tinyredstone-1.16.5-1.6.3.jar --> tinyredstone-1.16.5-1.7.0.jar):
3D Update!!!
This is an alpha release containing major changes and significant code restructuring. Everything should be completely backward compatible, and much alpha testing has already taken place. While we don't expect any major bugs, some minor bugs and visual glitches are likely. It is recommended that you backup your world and please report any issues you run into on the [issue tracker](
-Components can now be placed up to 7 levels high behaving similar to vanilla redstone components.
-Rotate component items by scrolling while holding Alt (key bind configurable). This allows you to place items in any direction no matter where you're standing. (Thanks lublak!)
-Tiny components are now included in the panel's voxel shape.
-You now interact directly with the actual components rather than the panel base when clicking.
-Components now place against other components when clicking on them.
-Tiny Redstone Dust can now pass signals up and down tiny solid blocks and up (but not down) tiny transparent blocks allowing diode behavior similar to vanilla glass blocks.
-Tiny Redstone Torches now deactivate on signal from bottom.
-Tiny Redstone Torches now output strong signal above.
-Pistons and Observers can now be placed facing up and down.
-Added Tiny Color Selector tool item to right-click colorable cells and select colors.
-Removed color selection GUI on right click of tiny blocks when not using the Tiny Color Selector. This makes placement of components on/against other components much easier.
-Restrict placement and preview of components which need a solid base (Tiny redstone dust, repeaters, etc.) to the redstone panel surface or surface of tiny solid blocks.
-Automatically remove components needing solid base from panel if the base block is removed, moved or is no longer solid such as a piston switching to extended state.
-Panel Covers are now full blocks and the cover textures have been tweaked.
-Fixed issue with dye color not applying to bottom of panel.
Known limitations:
-Tiny Levers and buttons can only be placed horizontally.
-Integration with The One Probe is not entirely complete.
-Tiny Redstone Torches face away from you by default, even when you place them against a block. This can be worked around with the alt-scroll rotation feature.


- Carrots Library [FORGE]


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