Pyramid Reborn

2,928 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 14, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  


* You will need to create an FTB team to begin, otherwise the button will do nothing!

* The portal in the classic void world takes a bit to spawn, it should be there by the time you swim down.

* Due to limitations of the island creation, the nether chest is under the portal frame in the overworld.

I found myself really wanting to play the old FTB Pyramid Map from 1.2.5 so I updated it to 1.12.2 and now it is super SMP friendly so everyone can have their own beast if they want.


This differs greatly from the project the FTB team released called "FTB Pyramid Reborn 3.0" My project can be looked at as more of a port, I am striving to bring the original map back in to the light here in shiny the land of 1.12, where microblocks among many other things do not tank FPS along with many QOL additions/changes to mods like ProjectE as one example. =)


All players on the same FTB team will be sent to the same island by the button.  Create or join a team from the button on the left side of your inventory.


Server files can be found under the additional files section of each version of the pack. 



Please feel free to ask questions or leave feedback below. you can also chat about it on this Thread


You can report bugs to the issues section above. 



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