Let's Get Wrenching!

Let's Get Wrenching!

Let's Get Wrenching! is a modpack focussed around the Create mod.
Unleash your creativity and build beautiful contraptions!

Pack Content

Build amazing contraptions using Create and addons like Create: Steam 'n Rails and Create Confectionery.
Explore new biomes added by Biomes O' Plenty.
Cook new types of food from Farmer's Delight and addons!
Use new buttons in your builds from Infinity Buttons.
Encounter a lot of new mobs from Alex's Mobs, Naturalist and Ecologists!


Team Diopside Discord!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to:
- The Create Team for making the amazing Create mod!
- All the mod authors for making the amazing mods included in this pack!
- LarsMans for playtesting and creating the button icons and pack icon!