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In the beginning...


We'd lived our lives like those that came before us. We'd gone to work, spent time with our families, and slept in our warm beds at night. The new day brought with it new opportunities, new chances to better ourselves, a fresh new slate that was wiped off by a safe nights sleep. Our children had food on the table three times a day, warm meals, home cooked sustenance that'd fill their stomachs. They would be fueled by this, giving them with the energy they'd need to accomplish a days worth of learning at schools that would provide them the knowledge they'd need to make their futures brighter. Little did we know that the future we thought would be filled with prosperity would be one filled with struggle, fighting to survive, and finding out who we really were when the end came. It's funny, looking back we'd smile at one another, we'd wave from behind our lawnmowers to our neighbors, and now those very neighbors could be out to take what little we have. From survivors to ghouls, nomadic traders to raiders, we all play our role in this world that's been effected by that very day.. And the life we all thought was menial, repetitive, and the norm - well, we all dream of that at night.. when we can. Prepare yourself, for FallCraft.


...will humanity survive?


This is now in beta status.  A majority of quests have been implemented and the map is now available for download as a beta status as well.

Please make sure to report any bugs or ideas for the map and pack at the issues link above.


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