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Try Create 101 Season 2 on 1.16.5! That one is better!


If you want to play this in multiplayer, please manually update Forge to fix the Log4j2 exploit!


# Story
Welcome to the large-scale engineer group survival reality show - Create 101

In 2020, what is more interesting and meaningful than an idol reality shows? NOTHING ELSE. Here, 11 out of 101 engineering trainees from dozens of vocational schools will be voted out by audience, to "create" a new term-limited idol group. Who will amaze the audience with their elegant automation design, and finally reach to the center position?

Collect tickets from audiences and ascend to the Throne of Idol! Keep in mind not to run around on conveyor belts!

# Introduction
Are you tired of manual labor in other packs, doing nothing more but playing as a human autocrafter? Try Create 101 - a new modpack designed to let you focus fully on creative automated solutions and beautiful assembly lines. You'll be creating contraptions to solve challenges in automation, enchanting your powerful tools, leading up to a 9x9 mechanical crafter to achieve the final item - and then using TNT to ruin it all for random creative items!



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# Features
- Lightweight (70 mods so far).
- No quests. No storyline.
- Fine-tuned progression roadmap focusing on automation
- Playable in peaceful mode
- No need to mine in middle and end game.
- We tweaked 1k+ recipes to ensure you will never have 2 kinds of copper ingot or other sorts in your inventory

# Featured Mods
 - Create
 - Mekanism
 - Refined Storage
 - Apotheosis
 - Quark

# Tips & Rules
 - This pack is not for beginners
 - Do not exploit bugs
 - Most ores (except iron, redstone and quartz) are NOT generated in-world. Do check JEI
 - The final item is called "Mysterious triangle"
 - Some recipes are required a drawer with certain number of item in it
 - You can set keepInventory to true by yourself
 - Some blocks are wither-immune. Search "wither" in JEI can find them
 - Breaking jungle leaves will drop cocoa beans. Jungle sapling has a recipe

# Important
 - If you want to play with Optifine, remove JourneyMap and find an alternative (details)
 - Use the BoP world type may make some resources difficult to obtain (for example kelp)

# Links



Also try Levitated! - Survive in the End

Also try EnigTech 2!

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