Craft to Exile [Harmony]

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Craft to Exile [Harmony] is a 1.16.X Fabric modpack designed around exploration. Mods in Craft to Exile [Harmony] aim to enhance the players' experience with Age of Exile - a thorough ARPG mod dedicated to progression. Age of Exile draws inspiration from popular action RPGs such as Diablo and Path of Exile.

[Dissonance] vs. [Harmony]

At its core, Craft to Exile turns Minecraft into an action RPG which focuses on exploration, character development, and looting. However, [Dissonance] and [Harmony] are sister-packs and both have different philosophies regarding their development. Although [Harmony] was released later, it is not 'better'. [Harmony] takes advantage of Age of Exile's intrinsic compatibility with vanilla and other mods. Representative of its namesake, it provides player with an experience more akin to vanilla than [Dissonance]. [Harmony] focuses on smaller excursions and a main base. Every so often, mobs will attack you and try to invade your base. To accompany this, mobs scale with your level in every dimension (including the Overworld). Rather than limit dimensions to a narrow level range, in [Harmony], all dimensions have the potential of reaching max level. On the other hand, [Dissonance] was the first of the two packs and features more linear progression. One of [Dissonance]'s main hallmarks is its depth: MineColonies, technology mods, and its quest log all lend into this. After all, a resolution can only be found when there is dissonance.

TL;DR - If you're looking for a more streamlined progression system with more in-depth character customization, then I suggest you pick [Dissonance]. If you're looking for a more vanilla-esque experience with strong ARPG elements, or the idea of defending your base from mobs every few nights appeals to you, then pick [Harmony]. It's worth noting that in terms of CPU load, [Harmony] is much lighter.

In the end, you can't really go wrong with either decision and you're welcome to try both! Official servers are provided for both Craft to Exile packs!



Adventure through familiar dimensions and explore beautiful biomes from Oh The Biomes You'll Go, and delve into dungeons from Mo' Structures and Repurposed Structures! Battle specialized mobs from Age of Exile and AdventureZ - each with special stats from Age of Exile to make them harder! The Nether and The End have also been enhanced with Better Nether and End: Rebellion, in addition to a completely new dimension: The Bumblezone!
Ever feeling lost? Hardcore Questing Mode brings a fully-features quest log to help players (with team questing!).

quest log


Conquer Craft to Exile [Harmony] by killing each dimension boss, and become the strongest version of you!


In Craft to Exile [Harmony], exploration is the name of the game, but so is defending your base! Experience the dread of the Crimson Moon - an invasion that occurs every few nights... Protect yourself with traps from Trap Expansion and improve your chances with Ward Blocks.

Having trouble with storage? Explore the storage solutions that are Iron ChestsDank Storage - uncharacteristic of its name, this storage mod introduces a block that can be used as a tool, chest, and backpack!

With a focus on base defense and small excursions rather than continuous adventuring, waystones, portable wormholes, and teleportation scrolls from Fabric Waystones are included. These are craftable items which can teleport you back home.

Find over 20 new fish species introduced by Go Fish! Food in Craft to Exile [Harmony] has been enhanced to regenerate health and mana, too!

Finally, explore the technology options in Craft to Exile [Harmony] in the form of alchemy with Art of Alchemy, or low-tech with Mechanical Tech!


The first thing you'll notice upon logging in: Ascendancies! Origins from Origins have been completely revamped to bring your favorite ascendancies from Path of Exile. Want to play as an Assassin, Berserker, or Guardian? Well, in Craft to Exile [Harmony], you can!

But the customization doesn't stop there - explore the completely customized skill tree from Age of Exile (which can actually be further customized via datapacks!) and find build-enabling uniques or craft specialized runewords to make your character stand out. Further improve your gear through the use of gems, or runewords!

Skill Tree:

skill tree


Some Uniques and Runewords:




Craft to Exile [Harmony] features some custom textures and a custom main menu. A lot of inspiration was drawn from Diablo II. Music in Craft to Exile [Harmony] is also custom and many of the music disc music has been replaced via resource packs. Furthermore, many recipes and loot tables have been altered via data packs to allow the mods to come together as one! Craft Dank Storage with Age of Exile materials!

Waste no more time - try out Craft to Exile [Harmony] now!
Recommended RAM Allocation: At least 2GB with Custom Arguments

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