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Craft to Exile 2 is a 1.20.X Forge modpack designed around exploration and customization. Mods in Craft to Exile 2 aim to enhance the players' experience with Mine and Slash - a thorough ARPG mod dedicated to progression. Mine and Slash draws inspiration from popular action RPGs such as Diablo and Path of Exile. Level your character, find loot, and expand your powers with customizable skills!

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Adventure through the Overworld in beautifully generated terrain with biomes from Terralith and encounter structures from When Dungeons AriseStructoryYUNG's mods, and Stalwart Dungeons! Earn your stripes by slaying new mobs from Alex's MobsMonsters Plus, Friends & FoesMutant Monsters, Illager Invasion and many more! Travel from important points quickly using Waystones found in Overhauled Villages. Alternatively, travel by foot with your trusty Chocobo mount!

Waystones Configuration:

  • Waystones spawn naturally in villages.
  • Waystones are free to teleport to.
  • Naturally occuring Waystones are indestructible, but it is possible to craft them.
  • With TelePass, you can teleport to your friends!


Once you're familiar with the Overworld, take a stab at new dimensions such as the Undergarden, The Otherside, and the Overworld Mirror. Additionally, revisit classics such as the Nether, and The End which have been improved upon with mods such as Incendium and Stellarity. Finally, explore custom made Maps (Instanced Dungeons) as an end-game dimension with your friends!


Select your starting Class, then level up your character and traverse along the ever-expanding Talent Tree - watch your character grow! With each level, you will empower your character with more base stats, new Skills, Passives, and game-changing Talents. Play as a Blood Mage, an attack speed Archer, a summoning Bard, a low-life Critical Hit melee Berserker, or devote your life to the arcane arts and become an Elementalist... The options are endless! Still unable to decide? Store multiple characters across one account, or easily respecialize.

Skill Tree:

skill tree

Talent Tree:

The Craft to Exile talent tree. Look familiar?

Find various build-enabling Uniques and Runewords in Craft to Exile 2 and push your character to the limit. Will you be the first to find a full set of Mythic gear? Will you sell your soul to obtain the Stone of Jordan ring, or find all the Runes to craft the powerful Runeword armor, Chains of Honor? Explore Craft to Exile 2 and find familiar items from action RPG history!

Augment your character's skills with Support Gems that can drop as loot! Enhance your Fireball with a Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support Gem to lay waste to your foes, or concentrate your Totem's damage with an Area Focus Support Gem! Worried you won't find the Support Gem you're looking for? Fret not, as Support Gems can also be purchased from shops that unlock as you progress through the Campaign!

Items and Skill Augmentation:

Unique ItemSupport Gem


Progression is the main theme of Craft to Exile 2. Progress through various dimensions as you strengthen your character and hone your build.

Everything in Craft to Exile 2 is configured around progression. Even crafting weapons, scrolls, cooking food, and brewing potions in Craft to Exile 2 is fully integrated with the Mine and Slash progression system. Choose from one of many custom weapon types such as the Dagger, Hammer, or Spear to help you from level, then swap over to a freshly crafted Runeword item later on. With hundreds of custom files, Craft to Exile 2 takes advantage of data packs and CraftTweaker to customize your Mine and Slash experience!

If you're worried that you'll feel lost, don't fret. Thanks to FTB Quests, there are over 250 quests that will guide the player. Ease in with the Prologue quests which introduce the player to the main mechanics of the pack, followed by the main Campaign Acts. Interested in technology and other parts of the pack? Side Quests will guide you along the way.

If you're struggling to find useful weapons and armor, you can engage yourself with the Mine and Slash Profession system to craft yourself gear, foods, potions, and more!

Quest Log:

Act I

Progression Through Dimensions:

Lv. 1-15   -  Overworld

Lv. 10-30 -  Nether

Lv. 25-40 -  Undergarden

Lv. 35-55 -  Everbright/Everdawn

Lv. 50-65 -  The End

Lv. 60-75 -  The Otherside

Lv. 15-50 -  Overworld Mirror

Lv. 55+    -  Maps (Instanced Dungeons)


Starting at level 55 and once in Act V, Mine and Slash's very own dimensions come into play in the form of Maps. These are instanced dungeons with bosses which provide great experience and loot.


For players who value "settling down" in a home base, Craft to Exile 2 includes MineColoniesMineColonies is a powerful mod that lets users oversee development of their own colony. Many tasks can be automated by hiring workers. Personalize your colony as it grows, and defend it from raiding barbarians and pirates!

Included are also various cooking, farming, and fishing mods such as: Farmer's Delight (and many other "Delight's"), Cooking & Farming for Blockheads, and Aquaculture 2. Recipes between cooking mods havebeen revamped to support using foods from other mods. Additionally, foods crafted in Mine and Slash will provide you stat bonuses, and will provide experience towards the Profession system of Mine and Slash.

Spice of Life: Apple Pie Edition is also included to encourage farming and cooking. This mod increases your Health every time you eat a certain number of unique foods. Occasionally, after reaching certain food diversity milestones you can even increase your Move Speed or Block Reach.

Lastly, Create is included in Craft to Exile 2 as the main low-tech technology mod, and is integrated with almost every space of Craft to Exile 2. Understandeably, technology is not for every player, so it is completely optional. Create products can be used to create new Sophisticated Backpacks upgrades and Refined Storage blocks to help with inventory management!

Side Quests have been dedicated to showcase the aforementioned mods, and have a sense of progression tied into them. Check out the Homestead chapter for food, farming, and fishing quests, and check out the Technology chapter to get involved with Create!

As with all mods in Craft to Exile 2, MineColonies and Create are customized to enhance the Mine and Slash experience. Find various Mine and Slash resources from your colonists, and use Create materials to craft better storage items!


Craft to Exile 2 features custom textures and a fully custom main menu. A lot of inspiration was drawn from Diablo II and Path of Exile. Music in Craft to Exile 2 is also custom and many of the music disc music has been replaced via resource packs. Furthermore, many recipes and loot tables have been altered via data packs and CraftTweaker scripts to allow the mods to come together as one!

Want to really immerse yourself? Play instruments with your friends, paint beautiful paintings, and show off your progress with collectible Simple Hats! You can also enhance your gameplay with the prepackaged Complimentary shader packs!

Waste no more time - try out Craft to Exile 2 now!

Beginner Tips:

  • View the wiki here.
  • I suggest sticking to the Overworld until level 15 to familiarize yourself with Mine and Slash concepts.
  • Don't worry too much about messing up your skills and talents. There are ways to recover points.
  • Make a party to share experience with either '/mine_and_slash team'. You can also share quest progress with FTB Teams!
  • highly recommend using the quest log if you're feeling lost.

Recommended RAM Allocation: At least 4GB with Custom Arguments.

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