Mine and Slash

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Welcome to Mine and Slash, a mod that changes minecraft into a hack and slash looter! 



  • Diablo-like In-depth gearing system:
  • Rune Words
  • Unique Items
  • Affixes
  • Chaos Stats
  • Infusion
  • Set items
  • Modifying, salvaging, crafting of loot.
  • Endgame - Increasingly difficult tiers of Adventure Maps.
  • Auto-Salvage Bags, Auto-pickup Bags and other convenience items.
  • Highly configurable.

This mod completely changes the combat and gear progression of minecraft, for better or worse, depending on your preferences, so i'll lay it out nice and clear what this mod does so you can make sure you want it or not. 

The intent is to make Loot (mob drops) the primary way to obtain gear and to provide satisfying highly randomized loot drops and an in-depth player stat system that allows you to specialize and min max your character. Secondary intent is to provide long term progression.



- Requies: Forge, and Curios API.

- Use a mod for recipes like JEI.

- 1.12.2 is now supported by AzureZhen, for newest features update to 1.14.4!

- I Won't be porting to Fabric at all. Don't ask.\

- Optifine breaks other mods, it's not my issue if mod doesn't work with it.



- All living things are given levels. The level is determined by distance from spawn. This means if you want to explore further, you'll want to level up so you can beat the tougher mobs!

- Minecraft doesn't allow more than 1000 something health so this mod stores the health value, this means mods that show mob health aren't useful, that's why i remodeled vazkii's Neat (health bar) mod to show actual health values and some useful mob traits (like a mob that does bonus lightning damage).

- Adding to that, this mod completely overrides most health and damage mechanics. Same with damage and armor. Only weapons and armors from this mod provide useful benefits. Though some vanilla things are still useful, like fire, unbreaking, water affinity etc. So don't think crafting a diamond sword is a good idea, it isn't! (Unless you set it as a Compatible Item)

- To get any loot from my mod, you must deal the finishing blow to the mob, this is because i don't think a level 50 player slaughtering lvl 1 mobs should be rewarded.

- Player attacks require energy, spells require mana. Learn to kite mobs and not waste mana.


Crafting Items!


Unique Items!




Thanks Matpac for reworking most of the icons/textures!

Thanks Vazkii for the mob health bar mod!

Thanks Traverse Team for the Biomes!

Thanks dom_codes for the Gui library!

Thanks Bonsaiheldin for potion icons!



Join the discord server if you want to share your loot findings or strategies!


* you may not re-host my mod at all. Any download must point to my curseforge page.

* you may use my mod in any modpack you want.

* you may privately use the source code of my mod (on my github) and play around it yourself or with friends. But you are not allowed to publish it publicly unless i quit modding and say so.


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