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Craft to Exile is a modpack designed around exploration. Mods in the modpack aim to enhance the players' experience with Mine and Slash - a thorough RPG mod dedicated to exploration. This mod draws inspiration from popular action RPGs such as Diablo II and Path of Exile.

Talent Tree:

The Craft to Exile talent tree. Look familiar?


Adventure through the Overworld and encounter structures from Valhelsia StructuresDungeon CrawlTraverse: Legacy, and more! Earn your stripes by slaying enhanced Lycanite Mobs or BEES! Travel from important points quickly using Waystones - craftable teleportation devices!

Waystone Configuration:

Waystones now spawn naturally in the world thanks to Towers in the Wild. Before, I was hesitant about making them spawn randomly in biomes, but towers are easy to spot and can act as location milestones and I think are a great solution.

  • You can edit waystones to be global waystones. These can be teleported to regardless of what dimension you're in at a higher cost.
  • Global waystones intrinsically cost more vanilla XP (not Mine and Slash) and impose an increased cool down if using your warp stone.
  • You can craft teleportation scrolls and the warp stone. The warp stone has a much longer cool down.
  • Towers currently spawn in every dimension.


Featured mods


Currently, progression is not at its full potential due to the unavailability of popular dimension mods such as the Aether, The Twilight Forest, etc. However, as these dimensions are rolled out in 1.15.2 (hopefully), they will be incorporated into the progression system. As of now, great mods such as the The BumblezoneEndergetic Expansion, Good Night's Sleep, and The Midnight are included.


Data Packs?!:

Crafting weapons from Minecraft and mods is now fully integrated with the progression system. Craft a wooden start to carry you from levels 1-3, then swap over to a stone sword at level 4. Craft to Exile takes advantage of data packs and customizes what Mine and Slash has to offer!


Thanks to Custom Quests, players will have a clearer image of what Craft to Exile aims to do! The progression log will provide you Craft to Exile 'checkpoints' that guide you from one dimension to the other. Never travelled to the Nether before? The progression log will let you know what there is to do in the Nether and how to 'beat' it.

Progression Log:

Progression log for the overworld.


Progression is loosely as follows:

Lv. 1-40   -  Overworld

Lv. 10-25 -  Bumblezone

Lv. 20-35 -  Nether

Lv. 35-40 -  The End

Lv. 40-55 -  Good Night's Sleep (Good Dream)

Lv. 40-65 -  Good Night's Sleep (Nightmare)

Lv. 60-75 -  Midnight

Lv. 75+    -  Maps


Starting at level 10, Mine and Slash's very own dimensions come into play in the form of maps. These are instanced dungeons (similar to Dimensional Dungeons) which provide great experience and loot.


For players who value "settling down" in a home base, this modpack includes MineColonies and Simple Farming. Included are also various cooking and furniture mods - if that's your cup of tea. I've also included Immersive Engineering as a low-tech mod that can hopefully be incorporated into your homes!

Beginner Tips:

  • Crafting weapon and armour is possible, but you will get better gear from slaying mobs.
  • There are Mine and Slash specific ores and 'currency'. Ores are used in repairs and crafting, and currency is used to re-roll and upgrade equipment.
  • I suggest sticking to the Overworld until level 10 to familiarize yourself with Mine and Slash concepts.
  • Don't worry too much about messing up your skills and talents. There are ways to recover points.
  • Make a party to share experience with either '/slash party' or Minecraft's default '/team' (may have to use both).
  • highly recommend using the progression log/quest log if you're feeling lost.


Future Features:


  • Bounty Boards
  • Custom Title Screen
  • Improved compatibility between Lycanite Mobs and Mine and Slash
  • Custom Music
  • Quests
  • GitHub
  • CraftTweaker to fix chest issue involving Quark and M&S bags (temporary fix: turn off custom chests in Quark config).
  • Quest Page for "other' - serene seasons, simple farming, cooking for blockheads <- likely to move fishing to this quest page too and further develop mine slash quest line
  • Linearizing Crafting Weapon/Armour (eg. wooden swords lv. 1-3, diamond swords lv. 30-40)


  • More Uniques and Sets! -70% WIP- [adding them in]
  • WIKI -15% WIP-
  • Create and Botania Mod + Quest Page <need to do more thorough testing>
  • Even More Dimensions
  • Game Stages (already added framework and light stage progression, waiting on release of apis) -30%-


Version Disclaimer:

The modpack is likely to stay in version 1.15.2 due to the developments of the mod in this version of Minecraft. Version 1.12.2 was considered due to the abundance of great mods, but Mine and Slash for 1.12.2 is unsupported and lacks many key features such as a talent tree and a skill tree.


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