Combat Pack



Minecraft is a game of progression, starting with simple tools and weapons, and continuing to diamond materials. After working hard to get all diamond materials, the game's weapon progression stops. With this in mind, this pack add in new weapons (specifically guns) so that you can continue to fight through the night and keep the monsters at bay. We've also added in MC Heli, for faster transport through worlds. Finally to build your new military fortress, we've added in Chisel 2, so that player can build with cool creative blocks.


lptm0ric and dmf444 periodically work together and release modded maps. Our first one, Modded Nail, but finding a place to host a small modpack was impossible. Thanks to the curse launcher, we've been able to host the modpack here. Because this pack is also small, it works semi-well for destructive maps, destroying things in Minecraft or all out wars against other players.



 For people who want to setup servers: Server Files (At the bottom of the page)

Mods Included:

  • Chisel 2
  • Flan's Mod
  • Modern Warfare Content Pack(Flan's addon)
  • MC Heli
  • NEI (and ChickenCodeCore)
  • Open Modular Turrets
  • Combat Plus
  • CustomNPCs


If you want to locally host one of our maps, the first one, Modded Nail, is available here: Modded Nail

If you want to see development info or up to date info on the pack and new maps/mods follow @dmf444 and @lptm0ric97