Ben 10 Survival

4,282 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This modpack is a bit of an obsessive homage to Ben 10, a favorite cartoon from when I was a kid. This features a number of custom recipes, configs and trimmings to streamline an experience focused on using the Omnitrix just like Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. Custom bosses and custom cosmetic items and more!




Some info ahead of time! Due to some lacking configuration options, the Heroes Expansion Spider Labs cannot be removed. 

This Modpack is built with Nexo's Ben 10 Addon in mind.

As of version 1.08 and permission from CatWithTh3Gat and Nexominer, the currently supported version of the Addon will be included with the Modpack. This will save you all a headache with the extra download link. If possible, please give them lots of love.


If running this pack with 2gb of ram, I suggest lowering your render distance to 4. You may experience issues with minecraft loading at all and there's little I can do to fix that without compromising the content of the Modpack.


Custom Title and Background assets are by me.


Bob Music for the Ben 10 Theme now in the Modpack.


Boss and cosmetic Skins:


Custom Curseforge Graphics by Raptor of the Bisect Hosting team!


Known Issues:

Optifine causes conflicts with the Ben 10 Addon/Lucraft, causing effects to render entirely black.



Nexo's Ben 10 Addon:


This section exists due to the streamlining necessary to ensure most everyone can play this modpack.

Atum 2


Stargate Network

Twilight Forest

Warp Drive or GalacticCraft (Natively Supported by Ben 10 Addon)

Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Trees




Sponsored by Bisect Hosting!

Use the promo-code Snuggle to get 25% off a minecraft/gaming server!

I recommend at least 4gb server ram if running this pack on a Server!


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