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WorldBorder will here on out be maintained by abused_master for minevraft 1.10.2+!


WorldBorder is a server mod for managing borders on dimensions. It was originally coded by Brettflan for Bukkit and I have unofficially ported it to Forge 1.10.2+. My team have used WorldBorder for more than a year on our survival server and I have found it to be reliable, flexible, useful and very user-friendly. It not only enforces borders, but also has the ability to fill and trim worlds within those borders.

We had needed a mod like this on our server because of players exploring and quarrying too much of resource worlds, and our backup sizes growing too large. I wanted to share this with Brettflan's blessing, to assist other server admins.

Please know that this mod has a lot of features; Bukkit and Forge are very different internally, so this port was challenging and may be buggy. I have tested the basic features as best I can, including filling and trimming. That said, because the latter features affect worlds (by creating chunks or deleting region files), please use at risk and consider it a beta for the time being.


For the full list of features and example screenshots, please see the original Bukkit plugin's page

  • Per-dimension border control by radius or by corner points
  • Round or square borders, with per-dimension overrides
  • Knocking back players from borders
  • Wrap-around teleportation
  • Deny enderpearl, mob spawning and block placements outside borders
  • Generation of all chunks within a border with padding, fill rate and auto-save
  • Trimming of all chunks and region files outside a border with trim rate


Everything in WorldBorder is done through the /wb command. Perform /wb to get a listing of commands and all their usages. For the moment, only opped users may use this command.

If the /wb command is not working, try /wborder or /worldborder instead. Another mod may be using /wb.

To quickly set a border for the current world you are in based on a radius from your current position, do /wb set <radius>


Using WorldBorder's original license, I have licensed the code with the BSD license. As such, full permission is implicitly granted to modify and redistribute this mod standalone or in a mod pack. For more complicated uses such as selling or re-licensing, please read and follow the license text carefully to ensure compliance.