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Wizardry Mod


Required libraries: LibrarianLib, Forgelin

Recommended mods: JEI

Optional Mods: Baubles



Lore Description:

Power is everything. It is what has driven you to learn the craft of wizardry; what has driven you to shun the limited teachings of Botanists, Thaumaturges and their ilk to create your own spells. You are only just now taking the first steps of this journey by studying this book you hold in your hands but, with dedication, you can become the master of these arts and break the chains on magic.

There are some things to remember, however. Any search for power comes with dangers, and any climb to the top has perils. A cape has the potential to give abilities beyond your wildest dreams, but guard it well; if another practitioner takes it, they can hijack your gains for themselves. Mana will feed your abilities and provide clean, abundant energy; take on more than your body can handle, however, and you will pay for your greed.

Finally, there is the Underworld. Dark creatures travel in that void, and the smallest misstep can cost you your life. The spirits there are slow and seem to pose little threat to a cautious adventurer, but once they have your scent you will find no shelter to hide from them, no wall to stop them. Unicorns may be beautiful – from a distance – but more than one wizard has perished on those sharp, spiral horns.

All that is still to come, however, for now it is time to take your first steps.

Good luck.


What you need to know:

To get started with the mod, get a regular vanilla book and throw it into a mana pool generated in the world, then wait.

(You'll have to find them)




This is a very small taste of what's currently in the mod and what's coming :)


The mod is going to be MASSIVE with bosses, dimensions, mobs, a story, etc... STAY TUNED!


If you would like to follow our development, gives us critique, give us ideas, or just chill/talk with us, join our discord! https://discord.gg/wsk2PBR

We'd love to have you in here. <3


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You can use Wizardry in a modpack, as long as you're not selling our stuff. Because that's against all the rules.