Shotguns & Glitter

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Guns with weird and wild bullets. Shoot your opponents with... health? I’m not sure we read that one right. And ice? Who’s in charge of designing these?


 Shotguns & Glitter is a mod made in 4 days in Modjam 5 (2018.1)





The mod adds 6 types of weapons:

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Miniguns
  • Grenades
  • Mini Turrets

Along side these weapons, the mod adds 13 effects you can apply to bullets. You have cartridges for snipers, shotgun shells for shotguns, small bullets for turrets, magazines that use small bullets for the pistols, and small bullet drums for the minigun.


You can craft the bullets with magical components to get a desired bullet effect.

These effects include but are not limited to:

  • Psyker - homing bullets
  • Impact - Very dense bullets throttling terrain
  • Fireworks - ... Yes
  • Biotic - Healing
  • Tranq - Sleep targets
  • Frost - Slows down and makes targets slippery
  • Flash - Blinds targets
  • Hookshot - Throws you to the bullet's target
  • Piercing - Hits multiple targets
  • Tainted - Poison
  • Graviton - Suck nearby targets to the hit position
  • Repulsion - Throws nearby targets away from the hit position
  • Dragon Fire - Hell

Grenade effects are separate: 

  • Shrapnel Grenade
  • Compressed Disco Party Grenade
  • Compressed Daylight Grenade
  • Compressed Blizzard Grenade
  • Repulsion Grenade

 Reload by placing the gun in one hand and the bullets/magazines/drums in your off hand and right click. Then right click to fire your loaded gun.

The book explains everything else from start to finish.


Getting Started

Welcome, fellow future Americans gunslingers!

Are you bored of lame old boring guns? Because, we Wizards over at Team Wizardry sure where! We've devised a wide array of new toys for our magic loving audience who believe bullets are faster than wand waving.


Ok, that's the stuff I was required to say out of the way. They're making me write this at 9PM on a Friday night, so don't expect much.


We've got lots of guns. Pistols for those of you who want to shoot things. Shotguns for those who want to shoot things harder. Sniper Rifles... you guessed it. Then we've got miniguns, where you can shoot things a lot. Turrets, if you're too lazy to shoot things yourself. Luckily, someone from another department is in charge of writing that documentation. It'll be elsewhere in this book.


We've developed lots of types of bullets and grenades for you to try out... some of them rather nonsensical. Just lace a gunpowder bullet with the correct stuff to make it work. I'll put the recipes in the entries when I get around to writing them.


We don't have safeties on our weapons. One of these days, I will find HR and strangle their managers. Until then, just keep your guns out of the way until you need them. You can load them by taking ammo in your other hand and shoving it into an empty gun.


And, of course, Wizardry Offices is not responsible for any damage or loss of life incurred from use of our technology.


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- Team Wizardry


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