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What Did You Vote For? 2021 mob vote: Glare, Allay and Copper Golem!

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Did you enjoy the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote!?!?!?


But, sadly, the mob you voted for didn't get picked...


Well this mod adds them in!

Yes, the Glare and the Copper Golem are HERE!!!!!!!! So enjoy seeing the mob you voted for in-game!!!


WARNING: some of the mobs' animations may not play correctly, this is a GeckoLib issue and I cannot solve it.


Made by Alexander from Alexander's Fun And Games.


Since this mod was originally made to help with voting, the Allay is also here in versions earlier than 1.19! So enjoy seeing him!



requires Geckolib, or the game won't load.

This mod is also made using the Forge modloader, and will only work when played using Forge



This mod was made in Minecraft 1.16.5 using Forge 1.16.5-36.2.39 and GeckoLib 1.16.5:3.0.106, so try those if you're having trouble with other versions.


This mod is discontinued and will not be receiving more updates.

The 2021 vote mobs will eventually return though.


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 If you didn't already see it, here's Mojang Studios' introduction to the mob vote:



Here are the mobs!

The Glare:

Mojang Studios' introduction to the Glare:



 The Glare would probably appear in Lush Caves, but since those don't exist in 1.16.5, in this mod they appear in Forests!

It is unknown how Glares would be tamed and healed, so in this mod you tame them with Sweet Berries and heal them with Oak Leaves!



 Tamed Glares will follow you around like any other pet, but what's different from normal pets is that tamed Glares will get very grumpy when it's dark, they'll move over to dark areas and growl at you to say "Hey you! Monsters can spawn here!" which can be used as an effective method to spawn-proof your base!

 The Allay:

Mojang Studios' introduction to the Allay:



 Allays appear rarely in forests, they can also be tamed and healed with cookies.


 Tamed Allays will follow you around like any other pet, but what's different from normal pets is that you can give tamed Allays any item and they'll go and pick any nearby items of the same type and deliver them back to you! They're also huge music lovers and will alternatively deliver the items to any nearby Note Blocks! 

 The Copper Golem:

Mojang Studios' introduction to the Copper Golem:


If you have the Caves And Cliffs Backport mod installed, Copper Golems can be built with a Copper Block, Carved Pumpkin and Lightning Rod.


Copper Golems will simply wander around, unless, there is a Copper Button nearby, then, the Copper Golem will go up to the button and press it! Copper Golems also oxidize over time, getting slower and slower until they freeze into statues. However, a lightning strike or being scraped with an axe can reverse the oxidization process.


In versions after 1.0.5, damaged Copper Golems can also be repaired with the Copper Ingots from Caves And Cliffs Backport, can be waxed with Honeycomb, and, when struck by lightning, will become charged, causing them to harm nearby mobs!


What Did You Vote For 2021 and all of my other mods are also available on Modrinth!


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