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Damage Spawns Mobs


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Damage Spawns Mobs is a simple mod, but changes the game immensely, the mod makes it so that any time you take damage (unless the hit is fatal), completely random mobs will spawn around you, these mobs could literally be anything, Withers, Wardens, Ender Dragons, or just harmless Squid, they can even be mobs from other mods that you’ve installed!


Damage Spawns Mobs is also very configurable, with several config options and tags (listed below) that can be used to make the experience slightly easier, or even more chaotic.


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When playing with Damage Spawns Mobs installed, you’ll want to try to avoid taking damage at all costs, because things can quickly spiral out of control if the mobs spawned also try to harm you.

Images showing the progression of things getting out of control after a player got damaged.


Ways that you can configure the mod:

The mod has lots of config options (located in yourminecraftdirectory/config) that can be used to change how many mobs spawn when you take damage, how far away they spawn, if non-living entities like Arrows and Minecarts can also spawn, if any mob getting damaged will spawn mobs near it instead of just players, and if the newly spawned mobs join the team of the damaged mob or its attacker!


The mod also has 2 tags: data/damagespawnsmobs/tags/entity_types/excluded_mobs.json, which mobs can be added to to remove them from list of mobs that can be spawned, and data/damagespawnsmobs/tags/entity_types/included_mobs.json, which completely overrides the list of mobs that can be spawned if mobs are added to it.




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