MC More 0.5 Wretched Wraith

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MC More 0.5 is the mod seen in the Minecraft More series on my YouTube channel, Alexander's Fun And Games. The series will probably continue, but the Minecraft More mod is done, so there won't be any updates. The mod is unfinished, so is probably a bit glitchy, but it still has plenty of content! This mod features tons of new stuff from Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Story Mode and some of my own creations, Enjoy!



This mod has loads of content, so explore! See what peaks your interest.


This mod features:

. Wooly Creepers (new)

. Wraiths (Minecraft Dungeons)

. The Wretched Wraith (Minecraft Dungeons)

. Summoners (Minecraft Dungeons)

. Enchanters (Minecraft Dungeons)

. Redstone Golems (Minecraft Dungeons)

and much more!


Is this the end of Minecraft More? No! Small bits of Minecraft More are leaking into CurseForge in the form of my new mods!

The current ones are:

.Enderling Invaders

.Chorus Gormandizers

.Endermen Plus


If there is anything you particularly like in the mod, then comment it in the description, I might decide to put it into my next mod!



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