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Chorus Gormandizers

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The Chorus Gormandizer in its natural habitat.

Chorus Gormandizers adds the brand new Chorus Gormandizer into Minecraft, the Chorus Gormandizer's main pastime is munching on it's favourite (and only) food - Chorus Fruit, and if the supply runs out, then the Chorus Gormandizer will turn from cute and cuddly to cute and ferocious! However, you can also get some cool new things from the Gormandizer, so the Chorus Gormandizer is sure to spice up your Minecraft world!


WARNING: some of the mobs' animations may not play correctly, this is a GeckoLib issue and I cannot solve it.


Made by Alexander from Alexander's Fun And Games.


requires Geckolib, or the game won't load.


This mod is also made using the Forge modloader, and will only work when played using Forge



This mod was made in Minecraft 1.16.5 using Forge 1.16.5-36.2.39 and GeckoLib 1.16.5:3.0.106, so try those if you're having trouble with other versions.


This mod is discontinued and will not be receiving more updates.

The Chorus Gormandizer will eventually return though.


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The Chorus Gormandizer and what you can get from it:


The Chorus Gormandizer

The Chorus Gormandizer

Finding a Chorus Gormandizer:

You are seeking out a Chorus Gormandizer, first you need to be in the End Highlands! Chorus Gormandizers can only be found near their lairs, so if you see a large, out of place looking mound, then a Chorus Gormandizer is sure to be nearby!


A Chorus Gormandizer in a Gormandizer Mound.



The Chorus Gormandizer is highly told of in Ender history, in fact legend has it that once, an Enderman and her faithful young Chorus Gormandizer companion vanquished a great evil, although these legends haven't yet been proven.



What do you get if you mix a Kangaroo, a Donkey, a Dog, a Panda and a T-Rex together and then throw the result through an End Portal? A Chorus Gormandizer of course! Often nicknamed "Hungry Boi" by its adoring fans, the Chorus Gormandizer is a cultural icon in all the known dimensions! However, due to its only food source - Chorus Plants slowly getting wiped out due to the Ender Dragon's destructive rule, numbers are slowly declining.


Behaviour and how to care for:

A Chorus Gormandizer gets very hungry very fast, if its hunger has gone down enough, then it will sniff out any nearby Chorus Plants and carefully uproot them, leaving Chorus Seeds in their place, once a Chorus Gormandizer has obtained some tasty Chorus Fruit, it will start munching, slowly filling up its hunger! However, if you don't feed your Gormandizer and its hunger has halved, it will become angered letting out a loud roar. While angered, the Chorus Gormandizer will obtain a yellow boss bar showing its remaining hunger, it will also run around destroying blocks, so if you are keeping one near your base, you might be in trouble. If the Chorus Gormandizer runs out of hunger altogether it will fall asleep, the only thing that can awaken it from this slumber is if you drop a Chorus Fruit nearby, then, the Chorus Gormandizer will wake up and munch on the fruit. And those are the basics of caring for a Chorus Gormandizer!


Gormandizer Fur And The Gormandizer Pouch

Gormandizer Fur is a new item that can be obtained when a baby Chorus Gormandizer grows up! You can breed two Chorus Gormandizers together using Chorus Fruit, a Chorus Gormandizer will be unwilling to breed if there aren't any Chorus Plants nearby, once the Gormandizers have finished breeding, a baby will emerge in one of the Gormandizer's pouch, the baby will remain in the pouch until reaching adulthood.


Once you have obtained 5 clumps of Gormandizer Fur, you can craft them together with string to make an Empty Gormandizer Pouch!


The crafting recipe for the Empty Gormandizer Pouch


Then, if you craft 8 Chorus Fruit into the Empty Gormandizer Pouch you get a Filled Gormandizer Pouch! Eating from a Filled Gormandizer Pouch will instantly fill up your hunger bar and slowly fill most of your health bar!



Rampaging Gormandizer music made with FL Studio!


Credit to Gerfunkable for making this epic video about the mod!


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