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Filename WarpDrive-1.12.2-1.5.12.jar
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded Dec 24, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.39 MB
Downloads 4,891
MD5 dcea3e4ead1c5e816708c79a52e76b3c
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


This is the WarpDrive mod itself.
You might need to delete your WarpDrive configuration folder to benefit from all the fixes!
This is a RELEASE version by LemADEC for Minecraft 1.12.2.
There's no separate core mod, it's all integrated in a single file.
There's no compatibility with any alpha version.
To use RF or EU, you need either RedstoneFlux, IC2, or GTCE.
To move your ship, you need either CC:Tweaked or OpenComputer, scripts are preloaded.
ComputerCraft has outstanding issues, use CC:Tweaked instead!
Many mods are supported, list is too long to put here :).
Notable changes from 1.5.11 all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:

  • Added an alternate recipe for void shell glass
    Added automatic configuration of Vanilla's WorldBorder size
    Added automatic configuration of Forge's ChunkManager
    Added codacy badge
    Improved gradle script for Maven dependencies
    Improved support for mods with invalid tile entity handling (including MatterOverdrive)
    Improved particle bunch rendering
    Improved particle injector visual clues when unable to inject
    Improved air shield recipe integration with other glowstone dusts
    Improved spectator mode support
    Fixed exploit with stacking electromagnetic containers
    Fixed YABBA compatibility erroring at boot
    Fixed missing external data when restoring a schematic
    Fixed #419 server crash & spam when restoring ImmersiveEngineering
    Fixed an upgrade exploit in the chunk loader blocks
    Fixed #418 invalid Forge's dimensionUnloadQueueDelay may cause death
    Fixed #417 non-keyboard binding support for sneak and motion keys
    Fixed particle bunch motion inconsistency when at least one coordinate is negative
    Fixed particle bunch motion exploit when energy level is too low
    Fixed particle bunch entities only rendering intermittently
    Fixed accelerator rebooting on chunk loading
    Fixed intermittent force field projector failure upon chunk reloading
    Fixed Siren missing a CC interface name
    Fixed guide message missing energy units when accelerator runs out of power
    Fixed invalid energy consumption in accelerator setup with 2+ capacitors
    Fixed accelerator LUA script booting too fast
    Fixed lag in camouflage validation
    Fixed intermittent console spam when breaking a cloaking core
    Fixed bad multi-threading in Accelerator core
    Fixed #408 crash at boot with FTB Quests
    Known limitations:
    Camouflage is partially supported.
    Space rendering is work in progress (increase chunks rendering to see planets).
    Chisel&Bits won't turn with your ship. Use LittleTiles instead!
    IC2 energy only flows in the overworld (no idea why).
    When jumping with large ships, collision will 'stall' the server and disconnect all clients. Large means more than 20000 blocks on a decent server.