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Filename WarpDrive-1.12.2-1.5.11.jar
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded Oct 20, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.39 MB
Downloads 2,776
MD5 1563fb96b37a67b7c3a203c2a26be28e
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


This is the WarpDrive mod itself.
You might need to delete your WarpDrive configuration folder to benefit from all the fixes!
This is a BETA version by LemADEC for Minecraft 1.12.2.
There's no separate core mod, it's all integrated in a single file.
There's no compatibility with any alpha version.
To use RF or EU, you need either RedstoneFlux, IC2, or GTCE.
To move your ship, you need either CC:Tweaked or OpenComputer, scripts are preloaded.
ComputerCraft has outstanding issues, use CC:Tweaked instead!
Many mods are supported, list is too long to put here :).
Notable changes from 1.5.10 all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:

  • Added laser medium shielding from an EMP blast
    Added accelerator cool-down when its capacitors aren't loaded
    Updated EnderIO compatibility to 1.12.2
    Updated to Forge 2847
    Improved stack dump formatting in logs
    Fixed accelerator reloading chunks on save
    Fixed hull stair invalid lightning when disabling smooth lighting
    Fixed cloaking core energy consumption
    Fixed regression where disabling a projector won't collapse its field
    Fixed GC lag in force fields and breathing manager
    Fixed forge dependency for EntityPlaceEvent
    Fixed #405 support for mods bypassing World.getTileEntity()
    Known limitations:
    It's beta, expect bugs!
    Camouflage is partially supported.
    Space rendering is work in progress (increase chunks rendering to see planets).
    Chisel&Bits won't turn with your ship. Use LittleTiles instead!
    IC2 energy only flows in the overworld (no idea why).
    When jumping with large ships, collision will 'stall' the server and disconnect all clients. Large means more than 20000 blocks on a decent server.