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Filename WarpDrive-1.7.10-1.3.36.-.jar
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded Jan 30, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 5.37 MB
Downloads 3,360
MD5 548c995287c50305ff9f0e53c96cb804
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


This is the WarpDrive mod itself.
You need to delete your WarpDrive configuration folder to benefit from all the fixes!


This is a Release version by LemADEC for Minecraft 1.7.10.
There's no core mod, it's all integrated in a single jar now.
There's no compatibility with any alpha version.


This version requires either ComputerCraft or OpenComputer.
RF power is supported provided you add CoFHcore to your mods list.
EU power supported provided you add IC2 to your mods list.


Advanced Repulsion System, Advanced Solar Panels, ArsMagica2, AppliedEnergistics 2, AtomicScience, BiblioCraft, BigReactors, Botania, BuildCraft, Carpenters' blocks, CustomNpcs, DeepResonance, DefenseTech, Draconic Evolution, EnderIO, EvilCraft, ForgeMultiPart, GraviSuite, Gregtech, IC2, ICBM, ImmersiveEngineering, JABBA, Mekanism, Metallurgy, MFFS, Natura, PneumaticCraft, Redstone Paste, SGCraft, StargateTech2, Techguns, Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, and Tinker's Construct are supported.


Notable changes from 1.3.35 all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:

  • Re-implemented IC2 reactor laser cooler
    - supports a single reactor, cooling only the first focus found
    - added heat pipe effect between 2 connected focus
    - added heat transfer rates for reactor, component, balance and cooling
    - added laser medium requirement to fit other laser setups

  • Improved various log messages

  • Fixed several enantiormophic reactor unintended explosions
  • Fixed missing laserMediumCount() method for OC in laser machines
  • Fixed multithreading issue in energy() method for laser machines
  • Fixed default dictionary entry for bedrock glass
  • Fixed tooltip configuration mixup
  • Fixed regression in ship restoration command used by server admins
  • Fixed crash when propagating air updates in non-loaded chunks
  • Fixed so only ship tokens will assign a captain in ship builder
  • Fixed ship builder unable to re-deploy at same position
  • Fixed unnecessary rotation message when using ship tokens

Known issues:

LHC requires a specific server mod for its particles simulation. You can enable it in the configuration to check the recipes.
Transporter, Beacon and Decorative blocks are 'work in progress', recipes are disabled for a reason, use at your own risk.
When jumping with large ships, collision will 'stall' the server and disconnect all clients. Large means more 20000 blocks on a decent server.