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Filename WarpDrive-1.7.10-1.3.26.-.jar
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded Jul 31, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 3.09 MB
Downloads 2,738
MD5 385376d3b819dc9829433dac012d9ae5
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


This is the WarpDrive mod itself.

You need to delete your WarpDrive configuration folder to benefit from all the fixes!


This is a RELEASE version by TheNumenorean & LemADEC for Minecraft 1.7.10.

There's no core mod, it's all integrated in a single jar now.

There's no compatibility with any alpha version.


This version requires either ComputerCraft or OpenComputer.

EU and RF power are supported (including but not limited to IC2, Gregtech, AdvancedSolarPanel, AtomicScience, BigReactors, EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, ImmersiveEngineering, DeepResonance, Mekanism).

ArsMagica2, AppliedEnergistics 2, BiblioCraft, Botania, Carpenters' blocks, EvilCraft, ForgeMultiPart, JABBA, Metallurgy, Natura, Redstone Paste, SGCraft, StargateTech2, Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft, ICBM, MFFS, DefenseTech, Advanced Repulsion System, Advanced Solar Panels and GraviSuite are supported.



Notable changes from 1.3.22 all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:

  • Added force field projectors and relays with numerous upgrades (thickness, speed, shock, camouflage, cooling, breaking, translation, scaling, and more)

  • Added hull stairs

  • Added French translation by LemADEC

  • Added German translation by LeoLele99

  • Added Carpenter's blocks, Mekanism, ThermalDynamics & ThermalExpansion rotation support

  • Added double chests support

  • Fixed Witchery vampires dying in hyperspace

  • Added selectors support and smart positionning to /space command (spawn inside ship/building when applicable)

  • Fixed ship deployment with invalid blocks

  • Added computers, rotation and Crystal token support to ship scanner

  • Fixed jump protection checklist and messages

  • Fixed jump with Chisel netherrack blocks while Bibliocraft is installed

  • Fixed cooldown message not showing up immediately

  • Added MalisisDoor's rusty hatch to jump blacklist

  • Added air breathing armors tooltips

  • Fixed air breathing transitions (going through doors, etc.)

  • Improved network usage from air blocks

  • Removed air generator bottom texture

  • Fixed LUA scripts crash with invalid data file

  • Fixed ship default label not showing up on first boot

  • Fixed #173 Added short help to all LUA scripts

  • Fixed #184 constant energy drain instead of slow down

  • Fixed various issues with mining lasers

  • Fixed always mining only ores with OpenComputers

  • Fixed player summoning when ship controller is stuck on wall

  • Fixed crash with chained explosions

  • Added DefenseTech EMP effects

  • Added crash logs details to CC ressource loading

  • Fixed energy storage lost during chunk loading on upgradeable blocks

  • Fixed tile entities not always saved during jump

  • Improved tooltips formatting

  • Fixed potential plugin support issue with rotating blocks

  • Fixed a minor error in video channel synchronization

  • Updated to Java 1.8 due to API change

  • Fixed #177 cloaking area coordinates mixup

  • Fixed console spam on hull damages and ship chunkloading 

Known issues:

  • Space world border isn't applied to players in SMP.
  • Scanner, Transporter, Beacon and Decorative blocks are 'work in progress', recipes are disabled for a reason, use at your own risk.